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Earlier in this year Riot games hinted at some new skins inspired by shonen anime in the vein of My Hero Academia by showing badges for school clubs like assassination club and there was a lot of speculation and theories at which champions could be part of this new skin line with there even being a leak with potential champions for this line. So here are the new League of Legends anime skins!

This discussion was recently came to an end as Riot just recently unveiled the skin line and name that being Battle academia featuring skins for Katarina, Lux, Jayce, Graves, Ezreal and newcomer to summoners rift Yuumi.

League of legends anime skins

Ezreal, Lux, Katarina and Jayce are all students at the academy with Graves serving as their teacher and Yuumi serving as Principal. If this were to be adapted into an anime Ezreal would most likely be billed as the protagonist given that he is the only champion whose skin is a Legendary ,featuring new voice lines where he gushes all about his classmates and teachers, with all the others being Epic skins.

The skin line also features  the newest Prestige skin with a golden battle academia Lux Prestige Edition.


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