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Everyone who follows competitive League of Legends knows who Sjokz is. She’s been part of the Esports side of LoL for years now and Riot Games have full trust in her. She’s proven herself over and over again but now it’s time for something new. Don’t worry; she’s not going anywhere! Although, her arrangement with Riot Games has somewhat changed for her.

At the moment, Sjokz works as a ‘freelancer’ for Riot, most notable for her role as LEC host. But, it’s this level of flexibility that has allowed her to create something new and unique, using her massive following and fanbase. This allowed Sjokz to branch out to other games and in this case, she chose CSGO.

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Her announcement was well-received by the fans and – you guessed it – she got the job!

Keep in mind that the Blast Pro Series is by no means a small tournament. Some of the strongest CSGO teams are attending such as FaZe Clan, Astralis, MIBR, Ninjas in Pyjamas, ENCE, and Team Liquid. That’s actually the entire roster of participating teams but hey, less action, more? These 6 teams are fighting for a 1st-place prize of $125,000.

It is evident that the organization behind this tournament has put lots of faith in Sjokz. This, however, isn’t as surprising as it might seem on first glance. Sjokz has been part of Riot Games for more than 4 years and many LEC viewers associate the league’s existence with Sjokz. She has grown on the fans immensely and will definitely cause some positive reactions during the Blast Pro Series Brazil.


This isn’t Sjokz’s first rodeo with CSGO either; Eefje was part of an ESL gaming event in Belgium last year but this is her first major foray into the unknown (meaning another continent). Needless to say, Blast Pro Series is a larger and more prestigious tournament than what she worked with in the past for CSGO, so this is as big of a challenge as it is a dream for her.


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