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lol spring split

This past weekend was the date of the Final for a number of regional spring split play for League of Legends and during this time we saw the return of two old guard kings in the form of G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1 who both swept their opponents 3-0 to claim their spot at the top of their respective regions.

Over in North America Team Liquid fought tooth and nail to ensure that their spot as their regions best team could not be taken from them  by the  re surging former champions in Team Solo Mid as they reverse  swept their opponents to take the series 3-2, awarding Doublelift his record breaking 6th LCS title along with his teammate Jensen earning his first following several attempts to win one.

Despite the relative brevity of the LCK and LEC series, (G2’s was the fastest series win in history of Europe at around 75 minutes total), there was a decent amount of innovation within both series. Sona and Taric was played within the European finals by both teams along with a Morgana and Pyke combined with a funnel composition as well as a Neeko and Tahm Kench by G2 to secure their win.

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Meanwhile over in Korea Griffin used Taliyah and Pantheon bottom in an attempt to snowball an early lead into a victory however they were stopped due to SKT’s excellent team fighting.


These victories confirm SKT and G2 esports for the main group stage of MSI in may whilst  Team Liquid will start their campaign in round 2 of the play-in stage. Other teams confirmed to be going at this time are INTZ esports from Brazil, Vega Squadron from the CIS, Detonation Focus me from Japan, Bombers from Oceania, 1907 Fenerbahçe representing Turkey and Phong VU Bufallo from Vietnam.

league of legends spring split

The representatives from the LMS, LPL South East Asia and Latin America will be decided this weekend and the tournament will kick off on the 1st of May.


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