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It has been a few days since G2’s incredible MSI victory in Asia and the Summer split is due to kick off starting  from the 1st of June all across the globe. Therefore before some teams get started with their campaigns in the second split, some rosters have decided to make some change ups to their lineups in order for a better shot at attending worlds. Here’s what there is to know about the League of Legends Summer Split transfers!

In North America CLG have replaced long standing veteran Darshan with Korean top Ruin formerly 1907 Fenerbache esports and Giants gaming. Amazing has chosen to once again returned as a player following a brief stint as the Schalke Academy coach and will be joining 100 thieves along with their academy midlaner Soligo moving up to the main team. Finally Flyquest picked up former Rogue and G2 support Wadid.

League of Legends summer split wadid flyquest

Across the pond in Europe, Wadid is not the only member leaving Rogue as both Kikis and Sencux chose to not renew their contracts as Vander and Finn move up from their Academy squad an Selfie signs as their new midlaner.  Schalke picked up Trick to split time with Memento, while Kirei joined Misfits. Excel reunited Hjarnan with his former support Kasing following his stint on along with picking up David Lim to be their new head Coach.


Pray has returned from his second stint in retirement to play with his former teammates BDD and smeb in KT Rolster, while Gen.g picked up Kuzan for the mid lane. For now, these are all the transfers in the League of Legends Summer Split!

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