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On 12th February two of the three League of Legends support item lines, ancient coin and spellthief’s edge, were adjusted and now function similar to their counterpart in relic shield, with them requiring an ally within a specific distance to make use of their gold generation passive.

This change came off the back of these items, specifically spellthief’s edge, being used by solo laners to generate a lot of gold without farming as well as generate extra wards to provide extra vision for their team.

This was best demonstrated in the first game of the SKT versus Kingzone Dragon X series where at one point there were four active frost fangs within the game.

league of legends support item

This isn’t the first time the power of League of Legends support items have affected other roles on the map.

At the start of season 8 the relic shield line had a support quest that when completed granted a shield to its user and that ended up being utilized by marksmen players in order to ensure themselves some extra sustainability.

At the same time junglers made use of the frostfang line for extra gold generation and movement speed boosts.

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