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For bettors like you and me, it can be increasingly difficult to follow League of Legends as it is constantly changing. If you follow the right Twitter accounts, you can gather extremely valuable information that will, in turn, help you profit.

So, what League of Legends Twitter accounts should you follow? Here are some examples!

The Accounts


Let’s start off with this one. This is the official LoL account, and as such will mostly post patch updates. This is useful as well, as you can know everything that was changed about the game instantly. Some patches have significant effects on the game, and knowing them can put you in an advantage.


The Leaguepedia is often associated with being one of the most comprehensive Esports news sources. Not only they are covering the entire history of League of Legends, they include tournament results, roster changes, achievement of individual players… Even interviews with players. Every bit of this info can be useful in betting.


This is one of the best-known websites where you can see various news and updates before others have them. It is not dedicated solely for LoL, but with LoL being the biggest Esports title, they will not miss out on any important info. They will cover most things, from patch updates and guides, to news stories from LCS and LEC.


LolKing is one of the best-known community websites in LoL scene. They post news, statistics, do breakdowns on patch notes so they are easier to understand. Those breakdowns are especially useful as they explain the changes using real champions, and you can know exactly what changed and how it affects them.


G2Esports was formed by a former professional LoL player Ocelote. It started off in 2014, called EU LCS and has seen a lot of growth and success over time. The team was especially successful during the 2016-2017 period when they won the EU LCS Spring and Summer. In 2018, they won Rift Rivals and EU LCS Regional finals.


Originally it consisted of a League of Legends roster, much like G2Esports. It was also formed around the same time. They managed to be very successful and have expanded a lot to date. Nowadays, this team has many, many rosters, including CS: GO, COD, PUBG and quite a lot more.


As its name suggests, this is an account that writes mostly about LoL news. These include what is going on in the League of Legends Esports industry, updates, roster changes and much more. For patch notes, however, it is better to refer to @LolKing as here they are less focused on this segment.

@Excel (Esports)

They have started off writing about the UK League of Legends scene. They were negotiating with other teams but that did not work out, so they gained a spot in the LEC as part of the 2019 European franchise program.


Team Liquid is definitely one of the best-known brands globally. In 2015, they started off by acquiring the roster of Team Curse. They rebranded to the well known Team Liquid, and are now competing in the LoL – LCS.

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