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Naturally, the very point of any industry is the accumulation of capital and expanding. In the case of eSports (or any other sports for that matter), success comes with viewership numbers.

eSports is an ever-growing industry. With the League of Legends World Championship, eSports viewership numbers are able to accumulate to tens of millions of viewers for just one best-of-five series!

Esports viewership numbers

eSports are growing in size and influence, so an interesting way to depict this is to compare it to, for example, NFL Super Bowl. This is one of the most popular traditional sports in North America. Seeing how a traditional physical sport compares to eSports can be an indicator of the growth of the industry.

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The Numbers

So, just how close is the competitive League scene coming to being on par with the Super Bowl? One might think, given the young age of eSports that this gap is not a gap, but a gaping hole. This is, however, not the case.

The Super bowl usually attracts around 110 million unique viewers. Last year, it managed to clock in about 103 million. Although not their best performance, this is still a very large number.
The League World Championship managed to attract a whopping 99.6 million viewers in 2018! In spite of being so young, this means that the League Championship has almost the same interest surrounding it as the most popular sport in NA! If we compare the year 2018, the viewer difference between the two was, relative to the full numbers, a mere 3.4 million people.

Riot does not provide the statistics for every year and for every event. This makes comparing of the two difficult, but judging by this, we can safely assume that eSports are breathing behind regular sports’ necks.

Sports Media Watch has not released viewership data on 2019’s Super Bowl. When it does, it is not unlikely that eSports viewership numbers will move closer than ever before. In our eyes, this is very exciting!


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