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yuumi patch 9.10

Shimeezy    3 days ago
LoL Champion Reworks

Dunja Nikolija Popov    6 days ago
MSI 2019

Shimeezy    2 weeks ago
Shimeezy    2 weeks ago
Jovan Vinš    4 weeks ago
Newest Summoner Spell in League of Legends: Backtrack
Jovan Vinš    1 month ago
The newest summoner spell, Backtrack, hits the scene in Patch 9.7. It’s a summoner spell like we have never seen...
The 2018 worlds skins are revealed
Shimeezy    2 months ago
The skins commemorating the first League of Legends World championship win for a team not from Korea in 5 years have f...
LoL Patch 9.7: Riot Games is not done
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Riot Games is not done with nerfing our favorite champions. Not only our favorite champions guys, no, even our favorit...
I paid a woman to play League of Legends with me
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Yup, you heard it here first folks. For just $4.50 an hour, someone, I repeat, someone will keep you company and fight...
Cats vs Dogs event Launches
Shimeezy    2 months ago
Cats vs Dogs Event Launches. The third annual League of Legends event (dubbed Cats vs Dogs) has officially launched with...
LoL League Playoffs are Upon us
Shimeezy    2 months ago
The regular season for the two of four  regions have finally come to a close (LCS and LEC), with the LPL and LCK set ...
5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Since the beginning of time, the forging of teams has been the toughest operation to deal with. It is known that with ...
Faker puts in words his feelings about Lissandra
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
In the time of LCK Spring Split, Faker astoundingly performed nine times with Lissandra, from which he delivered eight...
League of Legends 9.6 Patch: On Hit Effects Summed Up
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Almost 70% of the League of Legends 9.6 patch notes are about “ability proc consistency”. To make it clearer, this...
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