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LEC 2019

The first two regular season weeks have been rather interesting for the current best region in the world, thanks in no small part to their number one team, G2, with their dominant 4-0 win. They are able to play seemingly any champion in whichever role they please (Pyke Yuumi bot lane, for example). This, along with their aggression, makes them a joy to watch. So who else made the cut during LEC Week 1 (and 2)?

Joining G2 at the top spot is Europe’s most decorated team, Fnatic. They are having a much better start than last split, having won all their opening games on the back of phenomenal plays from their team as a whole. While not all of their wins have been as clean the Misfits and Origen games, both being rather close, they still show a comfort they lacked in Spring. These two top teams will clash next week and decide who is the best European team going into Rift Rivals.

Fnatic LEC Week 1 2

Below the top 2 are six teams tied at 2-2. However, this doesn’t make them equal as Origen is clearly at the top of this pack and could have potentially been 3-1 or even 4-0, had their games against Fnatic and G2 gone slightly differently. Also, Schalke 04 Esports could very easily have been 0-4 had their matches against Splyce and Excel gone slightly different.

The other teams, however, are all relatively close and are all battling for the remaining playoff spots. SK and Splyce would like to prove that they can potentially replicate and exceed their Spring Split results. Meanwhile, Misfits and Rogue are improving upon their mediocre Spring Splits.


The two winless teams right now are Excel and, surprisingly, Vitality. Vitality’s bot lane seems to be in a continuously downward trend. Their laning isn’t looking too hot and Mowgli has a tendency to be overaggressive. Also, Jizuuke seems out of form, leaving Cabochard to attempt to 1v9 their games.

Team Vitality LEC

Excel, on the other hand, seem like a cohesive unit. However, mechanical and decision making errors seem to be holding them back from achieving their potential, whatever that may be. So our LEC Week 1-2 roundup ends!

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