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LEC Week 5 Roundup

The first half of the highest level of European League of legends competition came to an end on Friday the 15th of February with G2 esports finishing the first round robin undefeated. Here’s what happened in LEC Week 5.

Unfortunately for newcomers Rogue unable to pick up a single win within their first 9 games despite exchanging their top and support players for their academy squad counterparts, (Finn coming in for  Profit and Vander replacing Wadid)

However both teams fortunes reversed on the subsequent day as G2 would fall to a resurging Origen lineup and their midlaner Nukeduck’s Zed pocket pick which he used to great effect  by solo killing  G2’s midlaner Caps on Cassiopeia for first blood .

Rogue’s victory came against a recently slumping Misfits squad where their jungler Kikis used an unorthodox Pantheon Jungle pick to exploit its strong early game as well as its ultimate for flanks in the mid game in order pilot his team to their first win of the season.

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Other highlights of the broadcast were the appearance of Chefius and the trash talk before battle between Schalke and Vitality for second place, which Vitality handedly won.

LEC Week 5

There are only 4 weeks left of the regular split left and some teams like Fnatic and Misfits who were expected to be battling for the 1st place spot may not even make playoffs without some drastic improvement in their game play.


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