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LeStream Alphama interview

In an interview conducted earlier this month, Leo “Alphama” Robine talked about his opinion on the achievements accomplished during the 2019 Six Invitational, as well as how happy he is with the French Rainbow Six Siege team LeStream.

LeStream Esport currently stands with 26 points added to their name in the course of 13 matches. They have achieved 9 wins, 2 draws and 2 loses, as they stand just three points away from the first ranked Team Empire.

lestream's player alphama

After a loss to team CHAOS and a draw with TeamEmpire, LeStream will be looking for a victory on April 26, against team PENTA Sport. If they end up winning the match, their path to the Milan R6 Season IX Playoffs is sure to be secured. Before the above-mentioned, an interview was conducted with one of their star players, Alphama.

What do we know about Leo “Alphama” Robine ?

LeStream’s player Alphama began his professional career by joining the French team of Supremacy prior to Season 8 of Pro League. The roaster he was involved with had little luck, not winning a single match they played in the Pro League. Due to this fact, he was later expelled from the team in favor of another player, nicknamed “Alive”.

As a free agent, he was approached by the recently assembled French team LeStream.  It was announced that he will be joining the team, as this happened shortly before DreamHack Winter took place. The team went on to qualify for the Six Invitational.

R6S Invitational 2019

What were his thoughts on joining the team?

He has shown immense gratitude and respect towards the team. Alphama felt honored to be a part of a well-established name in the French scene of R6. This meant that he could go once again professionally into the scene, putting some earlier troubles at ease. At the time of the invitation, he was struck between studying, working and managing to fit in training hours for the eSport. This placed pressure not only on him but also his girlfriend and family.

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Opinion on the Season 9 and the Invitationals

During the first half of Season 9, Alphama feels like the team managed to establish a good connection, as they strived to learn from their mistakes. They felt that their co-ordination was feeling rather weak, so they were quick to fix this. Improving the support work on their fraggers, the team saw victory over some big names, one of them being Na’Vi.

Big expectations were thrown upon LeStream, so many were shocked to see them lose in their first game of the tournament. LeStream’s player Alphama has stated that one of the factors that led to this was the team often overthinking the situations, and forgetting their game style.

LeStream Alphama and team

Prediction of the Pro League Finals

Prior the semifinals took place, he was asked on his opinion on who is going to win.

He has stated G2 and Empire as his favorites on winning the tournament. When asked which of the two will end up taking the crown, he could not decide, giving them both 50-50 chances. This was pinpoint right, as both of the teams ended up reaching the finals.

Closing words of the interview

For his closing words, he has shown regrets that the team got knocked out in the first round of the competition. He thanked all the fans and supporters of the team, promised a consistent season, and wished that at this time next year, they be the ones reaching for the Pro League Finals.


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