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League of Legends Developers Make Changes

LoL developers are planning to change Smite’s ability in patch 9.2. But what exact ability are they looking for?

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Well, Judging by the updates on the PBE server, they want to reduce the damage to Chilling Smite and Challenging Smite against enemy champions. The changes to smite can also reduce the duration of periodic damage. Skill work on neutral camps is likely to remain unchanged.

Glacial Augment Changes By League of Legends Developer

Credits: LoL Wiki

With nerves of Smite, LoL developers want to weaken junglers who in the current meta, are very strong on ganking lanes in the early stages. The key feature of the Challenging Smite; the enemy hero’s debuff damage is not planned to change. If all innovations remain in force, they will appear in the main client until the end of January.

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