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yuumi patch 9.10

League of legends most recent patch brings with it a slew of changes the largest being the newest feline enchanter Yuumi. Sadly this adorable little ball of fur didn’t land with quite the impact fans and the developers may have hoped for as she sat at a 30% winrate for her first few days of launch resulting in a hotfix buff for all of her stats. Here’s what changed in the LoL Patch 9.10!

Master Yi received a rework for his alpha strike allowing it to hit an isolated target multiple times dealing reduced damage on each strike however his E – Wuju style no longer grants bonus attack damage, his meditate lost its cast time and the movement speed on his ultimate Highlander now works based on his bonus movement speed instead of total movement speed.

Riven received cooldown buffs on her Q – Broken wings and a nerf to her E  – Valor. Graves, Caitlyn, Fiora, Soraka, Shaco, Tryndamere and Xin zhao all received  minor buffs whilst Vayne received a nerf to her ultimate.

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Essence Reaver received a 5 ad buff, Guinsoo’s received a nerf which reduced phantom hit frequency from 2 hits to 3 hits and change to its respective armor and magic resistance penetration from 6% scaling to 15% to just a flat 15%. Runic echoes now costs 125 less gold and hunters talisman burn effects now works off champion pets eg Elise spiders, Malzahars voidlings. Conqueror as a rune also saw 2% decrease to the damage which is converted to true damage and healing.

lol patch 9.10 changes

The patch also marks the release of the Battle Academia skins for Katarina, Jayce, Ezreal, Lux, Graves and Yuumi. That about wraps up our overview of LoL Patch 9.10.

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