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League of legends received another update (Patch 9.4) this past week with a number of champions receiving a slew of changes.  There were also an item and keystone change along with an increase to the speed to the first minions which spawn in the side lanes.

The biggest change was to the shadow assassin Zed with his ultimate no longer granting attack damage upon kills and instead he received compensatory  buffs in the form of a higher attack speed growth, cool down on his living shadow and some shuriken damage.

A few oppressive champions like Karthus,  Yasuo, Urgot and Lucian received nerfs to their early game damage in order to allow for more counter play, with Azir, Trundle, Gnar and Hecarim all receiving minor buffs in hopes of increasing their play rate.

The conqueror keystone no longer simply converts attack damage into true damage after a period of time and now instead grants bonus adaptive stats for 2(8 if melee) seconds stacking up to 5 times and provides 10% healing of damage dealt along with true damage conversion.

Essence reaver got a damage increase along with its cooldown now being a unique passive. Wukong, Kennen, Olaf and Riven all received significant visual and sound effect updates.

patch 9.4

Image Credit: Mobalytics (YouTube)

A number of champions like Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Katarina, Lux, Quinn, Twisted Fate, Shen and Zyra all got a new base run animation and the Challenger rank was made available on the 20th.

Patch 9.4 also marks the release of new papercraft skins for Anivia along with Nunu and Willump.


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