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Riot Games decide it is a time for NERF!

Riot Games is not done with nerfing our favorite champions. Not only our favorite champions guys, no, even our favorite runes. As we’re heading to the midpoint of the season, Riot Games decided it was the best time to inflict such changes. While minor changes are here and there welcomed, complete devastation over our beloved Kayle and Urgot are not even close to welcomed.

Even our most prized items for our spellcasters are being nerfed. The Dark Seal has been significantly nerfed to the point where it won’t be our first item anymore. On the other hand, Cinderhulk one of the most broken items finally got its well-deserved nerf. Riot Games has also targeted our runes with an impeccable impact. From all of the changes done to our spellcasters, the item-build, rune selection, and the gameplay itself will need a complete do-over.

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Kayle and Urgot devastation

Kayle is now nerfed to the bone. Riot Games‘ focus to make her more of an Attack Damage champion type gave them more work on the next patch to at least try to bring her back to life. They believed it was a righteous thing to do, but little did they know that the community knew better. In this patch, Kayle now has no potential as a standalone in the early game stages. Her Attack Damage transformation makes her rely on rapid item progression and early level ganks from the jungler. We understand Kayle was once a force to be reckoned with, but this was just way too much.

Riot Games' Urgot got what he deserved.

On the other hand, Urgot got what he deserved. This despicable champion has been dominating 1v1 lanes ever since his spell-arsenal rework. He was even granted a health boost in the previous patch, making him even more obnoxious. Thankfully, Riot Games did not exclude him from the 9.7 Patch nerf-down. Constant E-Q combo was okay, but constant E-Q combo with unbalanced damage was irrational. Now his passive as well as his, Q being significantly nerfed, won’t be much of a deal. But the one that we’re all grateful for is his Ultimate being nerfed on all levels. These well-deserved changes will definitely effect Urgot’s pick in the ranked system. He won’t be a constant first-pick toplaner anymore.


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