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Another day another new patch cycle, this patch is largest Riot has done so far this year with massive changes for a few champions and several minor changes for others. Here’s all the new stuff that can be found in LoL Patch 9.9 Notes!

The big changes include an almost full rework on Aatrox his passive no longer reduces healing and shielding but instead heals for any physical damage dealt ultimate now requires you to kill an enemy before you can revive along with increasing the duration of world ender by 5 seconds for each take down.

Blitzcrank’s mana barrier now works based on 30% of his maximum mana not 50% of his current mana along with a rework to how is ultimate works when on cooldown with it marking enemies he basic attacks deal damage after a delay. A number of his skins also received some small vfx updates.

Rakan received some base stat buffs along with being unable to cast his W- Grand entrance or flash during the first 0.5 seconds of his ultimate. Grand entrance also received a dash speed buff.

Soraka received some power changes in an effort to reduce the appeal of her E max poke build and provide more incentive for a more defensive playstyle by buffing the rejuvenation bonuses for herself and allies from her Q.

Tahm Kench now grounds himself when he devours an ally but the spell refunds half of its mana cost when he consumes and enemy champion. His thick skin now costs mana and saw a buff overall and his tongue lash has a greater range stronger slow and longer slow duration however his ultimate range at rank 1 has been severely decreased.

Jarvan IV, Rek’sai, Hecarim. Morgana and Akali all received minor nerfs while Ekko, Darius, Lissandra,  Maokai, Shaco, Sylas, Shen and Volibear received buffs.

In terms of items Hunters Potion was removed and Manamune received a buff of 10 ad. Aftershocks resistances no longer scale and damage done is only increased by max health and not adaptive damage stats.LoL Patch 9.9 Notes Alistar MSI

Other rune changes are buffs to celerity, cheap shot, ultimate hunter, Conditioning, Relentless hunter, Scorch, Ghost poro and  a nerf to magical footwear. Rift scuttler now spawns at 3 minutes 15 seconds  as opposed to the previous 2 minutes.

This patch also sees the release of the conqueror Alistar ahead of MSI due to start today May 1st.


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