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League of Legends World Championship 2019 has people buzzing even though Riot is yet to release the Worlds anthem for this year. People are excited about the tournament with several fans believing that their team can lift the Summoners cup this year. The first thing to note in the Worlds 2019 overview is key dates.

The month of October will kickoff  Worlds 2019 with 24 teams from 13 regional leagues involved. The play-ins for teams who do not have an automatic qualification to the group stage will start in  Berlin, Germany, between October 2nd to 8th. While the group stage is still in Berlin, the Quarter and Semi-Finals will be hosted in Madrid.

The finals will be in Paris, the City of Love on November 10th at Accor Hotels Arena.

LoL Worlds 2019 Groups

Riot has already announced the group stage draws with the 4th team in each group waiting for confirmation from play-ins.

Group A – G2esports, Griffin, Cloud 9

Group B – Funplus Pheonix, J Team, GAM Esports

Group C – SkTelecom1, Fnatic,RoyalNeverGiveup

Group D – Team Liquid, ahq e-Sports Club, Invictus Gaming

lol worlds 2019 overview groups

The groups at this years Worlds 2019 look spicy!

From the group draws, the group of death is Group C which has LEC’s Fnatic. Fnatic are arguably the 2nd best team in Europe’s LoL scene as of 2019. Then SKTelecom1 who have won Worlds more times than any team in history. And hey, everyone still talks about Faker and SKTelecomT1. RNG is also there! They had qualified having the most LPL championship points with their player Uzi being outstanding for the season.

With the 4th team yet to be determined, the battle for a place in knockout stages in this group will be one heck of a ride! Players will need to channel their inner summoner into getting their teams through the group stage. Moving on with our Worlds 2019 Overview!

Some LoL Worlds 2019 Roster Info

SKTs roster for Worlds 2019 is out, and their line up includes Faker, taking hold of their mid lane, as usual. Top player is Khan, Junglers are Clid and Haru, ADC is Teddy, Support are Effort, and Mata. With the extra sub player option, there might be a chance for Kkoma to rotate between support players.

For Fnatic, they will be looking to Bwipo and Nemesis to be in fine form for the tournament. Bot laner Uzi will be the force RNG needs him to be.

Also, another group that could be quite interesting to watch is Group A. Many people are backing G2 to win Worlds 2019. When you look at their form in and out of the LEC this season, a spot at the finals is on the list of fans expectations for a team that has had a dominant LoL year. Griffin who recently parted ways with their coach, CvMax, will still be confident of a decent world performance.

NA LoL Teams Could Cause Stir

Then you have Cloud 9 who have received a very low rank from a majority of LoL fans in polls for top 10 at Worlds 2019. The underrating of NA teams, in general, for this Worlds may be the fire they need to push towards a shock victory.

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Group D comes third on the rank of groups and features LCS champions, Team Liquid and last years Worlds champions, Invictus Gaming. Even though IG won LPL regional playoffs, they have not been the team that lifted the summoners cup in 2018 and perhaps Worlds 2019 may be what they need to get their mojo back.

Group C seems to be the easiest from the group draws with LP summer Playoffs Champions, Fun Plus Pheonix. It also features the Viatemnese champions, GAM esports who had an undefeated playoffs streak. Also, J Team who are the Taiwan Summer Playoff champions after their win against ahq is in Group C.

lol worlds 2019 crowd picture

Worlds 2019 is gonna be a blast!

For the Play ins which will take place first, a lot of hype is on teams like Splyce, Dawon Gaming and Flamengoesports to make it to group stages. There are also some players to look out for during Worlds 2019, especially G2’s Cap and SKT’s Faker.

The battle for the king of the mid lane will be an exciting one to watch from both players!

LoL Worlds 2019 Overview Final Words

LoL Worlds 2019 has already amassed an impressive list of global partners from Mastercard to Alienware, Secretlab, Louis Vitton and most recently, Chinese mobile giants, Oppo. With just moments away from Worlds 2019, will it be Europe, Korea, China, North America or some other region who reign supreme?

Find out by following LoL Worlds 2019 from October 2nd to November 10th! Let us know who you think will take the crown down in the comments below!

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