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Originally planned to post earlier, but I’ve literally spent over 100 hours in the first week of Madden 20’s release. And I’m somewhat hooked….seriously attempting stay in the Top 100 overall leaderboard (currently 487). At least I’m here finally to spill what I love and don’t care for in Madden 20. Trust me, there’s very little that I don’t care for. It is one of the best to come out in a few years….far as the gameplay goes. Even though Madden is one of my favorite games, it’s basically an upgraded, slightly better version of a cheezy, petty game. So these are my Madden 20 thoughts!

The Good

What I will say is that the fun aspect has returned with the Superstar X-Factor traits. Every player this year plays to their assigned ratings. If people can remember back to Madden 08 when the “Weapons Icons” where under your key players such as the rocket icon highlighted under Aaron Rodgers. Madden 20 made X-Factors feel very close to that except the categories are much more extensive. You also have tasks while in game, no matter the mode which your X-Factor players to complete to have them dominate a game for you. I thought this was a really cool feature to have and I hope it stays. These abilities change your strategy help you play to the strength to win.

madden 20 thoughts on xfactor players

X Factor players

What I also loved is that a few of the gameplay functions had been removed that drove Madden players crazy like Spammed Spin/Juke, the super ridiculous User Lurks (especially with the linebackers).  Gladly those are things of the past, but of course there will be things that the Madden Community will complain about which I will mention shortly in the post. More skill and strategy has to be applied, because the “Hit Stick” is back and players need to be aware that turning over the ball can be unexpected just as much as they are expected.

The Bad

Now what I don’t care for with Madden 20. The blitzes in gameplay come a lot faster than last year, so if you’re not a seasoned player you’re going to find this quite frustrating. Which comes back to having skill, you will not have the time in the pocket waiting for a receiver to get open like last year. I don’t like that the Cover 2 defense is pretty much a useless defense. I highly recommend that nobody uses this defense….unless you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with adjustments.

Some of the abilities on certain players are a bit overpowering such as Zeke’s for example….early on Elliot was a nightmare and the community complained that he was too tough to cover and bring down.


Face of the Franchise mode isn’t a great mode and disappointed me, it basically places you in a franchise mode after 2 college games as a QB. I didn’t ask for this, what if I wanted to play Safety or Tackle (which would not be fun on a video game)? Once EA understands they have to basically compete harder and get on 2K’s MyPlayer level or just put an end to personalized players and the modes that come along. Ultimate Team is pretty much the same just with new challenges.

Madden 20 myplayer

Overall the game moves a lot smoother, the graphics are more crisp and colorful and more enjoyable than previous years. I like the game still even though its gonna have the same complaints and seem unrealistic at times. That’s why Madden to me is a gathering game for fun and laughs. Stay tuned for more Madden 20 news and these have been my Madden 20 thoughts! Hope you enjoyed!

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