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madden 20 99 club highest rated players

With Madden being released very soon, it was time for EA to reveal who would be the best players in the game.

The group of players that was announced is known as the “99 club,” since a “99” is the highest rating a player can receive in the game. Here are the four Madden 20 highest rated players!

The “99 Club” listed from left to right: Aaron Donald, Bobby Wagner, Khalil Mack, and DeAndre Hopkins


4. Aaron Donald

It was almost a no-brainer to make Aaron Donald one of the best players in the game. He annihilated offensive linemen, running backs, and quarterbacks for the Los Angeles Rams in every single game he played in. It seemed inevitable for EA Sports to give him the highest rating possible.

3. Bobby Wagner

The Seattle Seahawks linebacker continued to prove that he is one of the best linebackers in the NFL this past season, and EA Sports rewarded his performance by giving him the esteemed “99” rating. Wagner is easily the best and most important piece of the very solid Seahawks defense. His instincts as a linebacker allow him to make huge plays in the backfield, as well as in coverage. It’ll be exciting to see how he plays in Madden 20.

Wagner just seems to be everywhere whenever he touches the football field. He will be all over the field in Madden just as he is in real life on Sundays.

2. Khalil Mack

When Khalil Mack was traded to the Chicago Bears last season, the Bears’ success completely skyrocketed. He is arguably the best sack artist in the NFL. Not to mention that his awareness as a defensive player is impeccable. The man is just incredible to watch. He always finds a way to maneuver around linemen and make the big play over and over… and over again. When his abilities are translated into this year’s edition of Madden, he is going to frustrate everybody who plays against him. He is going to be that elite in the game this year.

1. DeAndre Hopkins

If you plan on playing against the Houston Texans this year, good luck with covering this monster of a wide receiver. DeAndre Hopkins catches everything that is thrown his way. No, seriously. He didn’t drop a single pass last year. Every time his quarterback, Deshaun Watson, threw the ball to him, he caught it. If that isn’t enough to validate his “99” rating, then I don’t know what is.


These Four Players are the Best of the Best in Madden NFL 20 This Year

Ratings will adjust as the 2019 season progresses, but it seems highly unlikely for their ratings to decrease, especially since each player is in the middle of his prime right now. Also, Madden’s new “X-factor” system should amplify their abilities even more, so it’s going to be a scary sight to see how they play this year. Be on the lookout for Madden NFL 20 very soon! The “Superstar Edition” will be released on July 30th and the “Standard Edition” will be released on August 2nd. That’s about it for the Madden 20 highest rated players!

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