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The world of blogs has a tendency to go up and down as time goes by. When the Internet exploded and evolved enough to be able to host blogs, people quickly realized that this was a great way to earn money. Not only that, but having something to do, feeling connected to the world – this is what made blogs so great at the time. And it’s great even now! In this article, we’ll be talking about how to make a living with an eSports blog!

Monetization wasn’t as effective as it is now so there was no point in focusing too much on trying to earn some pocket money. People wrote for the love of it and read for the enjoyment. With the progression of the Internet world, blogs quickly became overrun with other mediums. Facebook appeared, MySpace was on its way out, and Youtube was becoming the next big thing.

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You already had countless people growing their channels on Youtube before it was cool. Having a blog was now unnecessary so you couldn’t find so many of them. But again, the Internet grew and grew and now it’s absolutely massive.

This meant another change of heart towards blogs – they were needed after all. Some people read them for fun whilst others read for info. Just think: When you purchase a newspaper and start reading the sports page, do you read for enjoyment or for gathering information?

make a living with an esports blogBlogs got upgraded; some were personal, others were fully commercial, but one thing is the same for all of them – they’re a damn nice source of income! Of course, you won’t be a millionaire blogging, but earning your own cash through your own hard work is a feeling like none other.

Nowadays, you have blogs ranging from ‘How to boil an egg’ to ‘How to make a living with an eSports blog’, the latter of which I’m covering today! So, howdy and welcome to a short tutorial on how to start making money using an eSports-oriented blog!

How to Make A Living with an eSports Blog?

Running a successful Esports blog and making a living from it isn’t simple. It takes a lot of steps before it actually starts making revenue, but you need to be consistent and motivated.

First Up: The Planning Stage

I’d be inclined to say that this is the most difficult part of having a blog. Mess up here and you might just have to start over. Trust me, I had a blog once before I knew all the things I know now and let me tell you, it did not go well.

From personal experience, never skip the planning phase. You’d think that you’ll be able to cover everything but you can’t. If you do this, your blog will go six ways from Sunday and you won’t be able to keep up.

popular esports games

Because of this, you need to organize the entire planning process so all the stuff you come up with is noted and kept secure. Now, here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

  • What games will I cover? (CSGO, LoL, Fortnite…)
  • What’s the purpose of my blog? (Comparisons, news, tournament reviews/previews, transfers…)
  • What’s the aesthetic I’m going for? (Business, playful, clean, colorful…)
  • Which hosting should I choose? (Cheap but weak or expensive but strong)
    Note: If you’re just starting out, I recommend going for the cheaper alternative. It doesn’t cost a lot, the blog will be able to handle enough traffic for the start, and it’s always easy to switch to pro!
  • Blog Ideas
  • How to make a living with an eSports blog? (Ads, affiliate programs, sponsorship…)
  • What’s the name of my blog/website? (catchy, serious, business…)

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Considering we’re talking about an eSports blog, these questions should be enough to prepare you for what’s to come!

Game Choices and Target Audience

game choices

Choosing a game that has a strong foothold in the eSports world and enough followers to make your blogging and work worthwhile is much easier nowadays than before. There are a lot of eSports games today and most eSports gamers are pretty much celebrities. Now, the thing is, you’ll have to know a lot about a game if you’re going to write about it. People want the truth and correct info, so make sure you take care of that.

target audience

When it comes to audiences, well, bigger isn’t always better. Sure, you might rake in more traffic, but some people groups might not like what you’re offering. Take this practical example as a good sign of what you should and shouldn’t do:

Deadpool. Deadpool has always been an adult-oriented comic. Therefore, the movie isn’t targeted at everyone. This is the right way to go about things. They did block out kids but kids shouldn’t be watching Deadpool.

On the other hand, we’ve got Venom. Another dark, gritty comic. Yet the movie has been rated PG-13. Sounds smart? Not at all. By including a target audience of kids as well as adults, the movie has been cut down and it doesn’t resemble the comic at all (at least when talking about this). The kids probably won’t love it, and the adults don’t love it (since the dark stuff has been removed).

So, pick your audience carefully because you’ll have to cater to them and provide them with everything they need.

Article Choices

Owning an eSports blog isn’t just ‘one day I’ll write this many articles and the next day this many…’

If you want to make a living with an eSports blog, you’ll have to be punctual and precise. If you’re doing tournament previews, include all the info you can find. The richer the article, the better and more inviting it is. Same goes for reviews.

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If, on the other hand, you’re talking about player transfers, then you need to do it as soon as they happen (writing about a transfer that happened 3 months ago just won’t cut it).

Basically, choose topics that are relevant, trending, and that lots of people know about.

Blog Setup and Preparation

Okay, so if you have all the necessary info for your first article prepared, you can start preparing your blog. The best beginner choice is WordPress. WordPress is free but you’ll need a hosting service if you want your very own website address (instead of eSportsblog.wordpress you’ll want eSports.blog for example).

Check out this helpful WordPress guide:

There are plenty of great hosting options out there (I started out with GoDaddy but they can be pretty robust at times, although the prices are awesome) so just scour the web!

WordPress is easy to use and there are many great, free web layouts that you can download. There’s a lot of playing around involved so be prepared to spend some time on perfecting the looks.

Write your very first blog post and continue doing so until your blog is saturated and filled with great content.


google adsense

And now we come to the big kahuna – monetization. What’s the point of talking about how to make a living with an eSports blog if we aren’t going to mention monetization. Even eSports betting can be used, but that’s not the primary focus here.

You can choose Google Adsense as a form of monetizing your blog, but this generally isn’t a great option if your blog is already big. Google ads can be funny one time but terrible the next, plus some might seem invasive. People generally don’t like them so you’d want to keep them to a minimum.

make money with an eSports blog as affiliate

What you’ll want when you’re starting out (alongside Google ads) is affiliate marketing. Whenever someone clicks on a link you provided (each affiliate is given a unique link) and purchases or uses the product you’re advertising, you get a small amount of cash. It might not sound like a lot, but imagine hundreds of people clicking each day – that’s a lot of moola! One great affiliate that offers useful tutorials and plenty of help is WealthyAffiliate. They’ve got some of the best offers out there, including training on the topic of how to create your very own website and start working as an affiliate (which is great in combination with owning a blog!)

But you have to be smart here – if you’re looking to make a living with an eSports blog, then advertising bathtubs isn’t good (or anything else that isn’t related to your chosen niche). Be specific and reasonable. Bathtubs – no, Gaming headphones – yes!

And hey, if you ever get bored of writing a blog, here’s how you can earn a living as a pro gamer!


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