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manchester city and faze partnership

10 years ago, some teenage Call of Duty players changed their game tags to FaZe Clan. Today they are Manchester City’s newest partners! Yep, that’s right – Manchester City and FaZe have announced a partnership! The Esports industry is truly for those who dare to dream. It is no longer shocking to see how the Esports industry is integrating with mainstream sports brands. Several collaborations from Esports organizations and players with huge names like Adidas, Nike and the like.

However, FaZe Clan are already known for being one step ahead of the rest. They took to social media to announce their partnership with the domestic treble champions, Manchester City, who won all there was to win in England last season.

How did the Manchester City and FaZe Partnership Happen?

City has already been active on the Esports scene for some years now. It was the first Premier League club to launch a FIFA Online team in China. They’ve made their biggest move with this innovative partnership with FaZe Clan stating on their website that “this collaboration will create new experiences for fans of both football and Esports, to bring the two audiences together in exciting new ways, FaZe Clan is the most followed gaming organisation in the world with 214 million global fans and over 500 million monthly views of its content.

Through this partnership, the organisations will bring together the worlds of football and Esports across a number of exciting initiatives.”

Manchester City and Faze have made a very interesting partnership which will be beneficial for both parties involved. Both of these teams are consistently dominating their scenes as Man City will be looking to expand its fan base throughout USA. FaZe will be looking to establish its reach all across Europe. FaZe Clan has professional players in games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow Six and FIFA. Obviously, football is Man City’s main focus.

FaZe Clan’s pro player, Tass, finished 13th in the world in terms of Global Series Ranking on Xbox last season. He then went to the 2019 eWorld Cup Grand Final, eventually going out in the last-16. Tass will surely be looking forward to this partnership as it would be of immense benefit for him. This is thanks to Manchester City themselves already being involved in Esports.

What are the Benefits to the Manchester City and FaZe Partnership?

The Manchester City and Faze partnership is also beneficial to City’s goal of being global. A logical step as FaZe Clan have over 7 million subscribers on Youtube. When you combine Man City’s total subscribers with some other elite premier league clubs, it still does not add up to this number. So a huge boost to Manchester City as well as FaZe!

The collaboration between Manchester City and Faze is set to include a joint training facility created by both FaZe Tass and Shellzz, the professional FIFA Esports players from both organisations. There’ll also be limited-edition co-branded products, events and YouTube content. It will not be surprising to see Man City stars like Aguero, Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne play some of the games with FaZe. We also might see FaZe in the Etihad stadium one of these days.

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Chief marketing officer at City Football Group, Nuria Tarre said “Esports is the world’s fastest-growing spectator sport and this collaboration with FaZe Clan marks the start of an exciting new chapter in Manchester City’s Esports journey. We are looking forward to working with FaZe Clan to provide our fans with new and immersive ways to engage with the Club”.

Some Extra Background Info

The Manchester City and FaZe partnership is however not a new one. Though now, it is just more formal and for a more extended period of time. Previously, in 2018, they partnered with the English Champions where their FaZe Clan branded hoodies sold out in less than a minute in November of that year. So not only does FaZe offer a wide reach of people, they also offer innovative commercial output.

FaZe Clan and Manchester City partnership

Can FaZe become dominant in Esports like Man City is in Football?

The deal between Manchester City and Faze is quite a big one. It would have been expected that Manchester United will be the ones landing the biggest Esports organization in such a deal. However, with the recent downward spiral that ManU is on, it is no surprise that this is not in their purview at the moment.

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Which other partnerships do you see happening? What are your thoughts on this Esports expanse going on? Let us know in the comments below!

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