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Silent hill 2 video game ending

There’s no denying the fact that there are just video game endings we play and we’re like “what exactly just happened here”, the endings just get our spins our head completely because it’s so just so twisted that from the beginning you never expected that to be the ending.

There are a whole lot of mind-boggling video game endings but you get 7  awesome ones today so here they come.

7. Star Wars- Knight Of Old Republic (KotOR)

This would forever remain a classic in the world of video games, KotOR is a role-playing game set in an archaic galactic empire. You take on a character who must pass planets in the galaxy in order to defeat Malak who is the bad guy. The video game features a whole lot of side quest games and combat is quite tactical and violent. The video game ending leaves most players in a dilemma because they are forced to choose whether to usurp Malak which is the dark path or defeat him…having to be on this divide especially right at the ending is one hell of a way to a video game ending.

6. Metroid

Now a lot of people who have played this action adventure game will agree that Nintendo did a solid with this one. This game follows the adventures of Samus Aran who protects the galaxy from space pirates and stops them from gaining powers of Parasitic organisms known as metroids. This video game ending was not only shocking but revolutionary as it was revealed that Samus was a girl making this video game to be the first to feature a female protagonist.

5. Braid

This game isn’t your typical guy saves princess story even though it starts like that. The puzzle video game shows a character named Tim and his quest to save a princess who has been taken by an evil monster, the connection between Tim and the princess is not revealed but it is seen that Tim made some mistake which he hopes to set straight. The video game ending, however, will make you realize that Tim was actually the person the princess was running away from and she sets traps for him which he is able to escape until she eventually runs into the arms of her Knight in shining armour who saves her. So you get to realize that not only have you been the evil character all along but the princess is actually running away from you.

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4. Alan Wake

This game is quite similar to a thrilling Tv series so it is no surprise it made the list. The action-adventure video game follows the story of Alan Wake who is a novelist that tries to find his wife after her disappearance during a vacation while also experiencing strange things. The video game ending has left a lot of players quite confused as different interpretations have sprung up from it, in the end, Alan sacrifices himself to the Darkness so that his wife can be saved.

3. Bioshock

A first-person shooter video game which sees players use the character Jack who is the only survivor of a plane crash which landed near the Atlantic ocean, he comes to a place and has to find a way to escape and must battle an army of superhuman enemies. There are actually 2 different endings to this video game so it depends on the decisions a player decides to make.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty

No list of total mind fuck video games can be complete if this game was not mentioned, Konami and Hideo Kojima perhaps have a degree in mind control as most players of this game lost their shit! This video game just needs to be played to fully understand how mind-blowing the ending is. So go get your consoles warmed up and witness greatness

1. Silent Hill2

This video game ending is definitely not what a lot of players were expecting and credits to the maker for this survival horror video game. The video game focuses on a character named James Sunderland who goes to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife but at the end, you get to see that James actually killed his wife and the letter he allegedly got is just a blank piece of paper!

So here you have it, 7 total mind fuck video game endings and you’d probably be wondering how much mental energy you have to give…..well why not play a game on the list and find out.

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