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CEO 2019 Smash Bros

With nearly 1,200 competitors, CEO 2019 finally comes to a close with Mexico’s MKLeo winning the event! After previously winning Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at CEO 2018, MKLeo sought both to defend his Smash title and usher in the new era at CEO’s latest event. Coming hot off wins at Genesis 6 and Momocon 2019, the 18-year-old champion continues his reign of dominance across Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

CEO’s road to Top 8 included notable upsets, such as Samsora, regarded as the world’s best Peach, taking back-to-back losses against MDVA’s (Maryland and Virginia) own stars, Puppeh and WaDi. In doing so, he brought the young prodigy, Pokemon Trainer main, Puppeh, into the limelight. Debuting into his first Top 8 at a major Smash tournament, Puppeh took sets off of Nairo, Abadango, and Esam before losing his first set to MKLeo and ultimately being eliminated by Marss. In addition, MVD, widely considered to be the best Snake player in the world, and Light, known as the best Fox main, took 17th place in the tournament.

Marss’ run through CEO was a story of it’s own. Despite losing to Canada’s Ally, the Zero Suit Samus main laid down the law through the loser’s bracket. He tore through Nairo, Esam, and Dabuz, before eliminating Ally and making his way to MKLeo in the Grand Finals. Known for utilizing multiple characters, Marss would bring out help for ZSS once more. Marss previously defeated Esam at GOML 2019, using Ike to beat his Pikachu.

This time, he would enlist help from Captain Falcon after losing his first round against MKLeo. To everyone’s complete surprise, Marss would eventually take the only game off of MKLeo in Top 8. Considered a top tier, MKLeo’s use of Joker is indomitable. However, he lost his invincible armor to Marss’ use of Falcon’s grab game, edgeguarding abilities, and massive kill power. The two would continue to put on a clinic until the set’s conclusion.

CEO 2019

What made CEO special?

Complete with commentary from Melee legend Hungrybox and Smash 4 legend ZeRo, CEO garnered over 46,000 viewers on Twitch! With the competition stacked and the world watching, however, the road to Top 8 was formidable for most of its competitors. Some of them include the usual favorites, who made it just shy of Top 8. Among them: Puppeh, Nairo, Marss, Ally, Dabuz, WaDi, Gluttony, and MKLeo.

CEO 2019 featured the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Fyter Fest at the Daytona Oceanfront Center. Utilizing the venue allowed CEO to feature the highest quality production ever seen in a major Smash tournament. Utilizing their ring, the Top 8 players of Smash would come down to the ring, complete with their own music and entrances, akin to a wrestling event.

These include Dabuz’s Avengers-themed entrance, Nairo’s Daniel Bryan WWE entrance, MKLeo’s Joker entrance (complete with Japanese player Mr. II cosplaying Joker and accompanying him), among others! You can check out all the Smash Top 8 entrances here!

CEO 2019 Winner

Be sure to check out the Top 16 bracket for Smash Ultimate at CEO 2019 here! You can also watch all of the streamed matches on YouTube.

Thank you for reading our article on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Top 8 at CEO 2019! Did you have a favorite match or entrance? Let us know in the comments below!

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