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Following one week off the heels of EVO 2019, Super Smash Con put together the next step to stardom for Smash players around the world. With 2,708 entering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it became the 2nd largest Smash Ultimate tournament after EVO! But with a resounding victory, MKLeo continued his year-round success by capturing a win at this year’s Smash Con.

Samsora managed to send MKLeo to loser’s in Top 8. His dominating Peach performance finally one-upped the legendary Phantom Thieves’ leader, paving his way to winner’s finals against Tweek. Samsora would defeat Tweek 3-0 in Winner’s Finals to secure his spot in Grands. Meanwhile, MKLeo would plow through Nairo and Marss to eventually reach Tweek in loser’s finals.

Interestingly, note how the Top 4 players are also the Top 4 on the current PGR.

Smash Con Bracket


Despite everyone’s best efforts, MKLeo’s use of Joker helped him tap into the power of Arsene. Some players, such as Marss, would highlight the strengths of the character on Twitter. Note the percentage.

In repeat fashion from EVO 2019, MKLeo seized Game 4 against Tweek, ripping the lead away from him in the most superhuman fashion. Despite Tweek’s best efforts, the Pokemon Master could not finish his run. With that said, MKLeo would once more repeat his Game 3 losing match and reverse it into an unthinkable comeback against Samsora in Grand Finals.

Many have claimed MKLeo’s play to be nothing short of godlike. While players may insist MKLeo is godlike, perhaps an alternate theory would suffice as well.

What’s Coming up?

Stay tuned for our coverage at Shine 2019, the next major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. Shine will take place in Worcester, MA from August 23rd to 25th.

Shine 2019 super smash bros

Thank you for reading up on our Top 8 coverage for Super Smash Con. Did you witness any favorite matches? Let us know in the comments below!

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