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mordekaiser rework splash

Rejoice for League of legends buggiest champion is soon to be no more as the official trailer and spotlight for Mordekaiser was released earlier this week. Since his last rework which occurred in 2015 with a few of his fellow juggernauts in 2015 Mordekaiser has been a rather tumultuous state.

With that rework Mordekaiser obtained the ability to obtained the ability to be accompanied by the spirit  of either an enemy champion or a dragon. This combined with his W harvester of sorrow providing bonus experience made him a dominant force in the botlane for a while particularly at 2015 Worlds.

However nerfs have left him in a state where playing him botlane is not ideal therefore leading to attempts to play him in other roles primarily top lane to rather limited success as he loses easy access to the dragon and he doesn’t provide the same utility as tanks or a bruisers splitpushing and damage without the dragon.

mordekaiser rework

Therefore his new kit removes this feature entirely and allows him to be able to fight enemy champions without help from anyone else.

His new passive provides Mordekaiser with extra on his basic attacks and after 3 attacks/spells he passively deals extra damage to nearby enemies and gains movement speed.

His Q now slams his mace down in an area dealing bonus damage if it hits a single target. His W absorbs  a percentage of damage taken and dealt and which can then be converted into a shield or alternatively can be consumed to give him health equal to half the shield’s value. His E passively grants up to 25% magic penetration and actively creates a hand allowing Morde to pull in his foes.


His new ultimate is the definiton of 1v1 me bro as it drags Mordekaiser and an opponent of his choosing to the death realm where they can only interact with each other and should he kill them absorb a portion of their stats until they respawn.

The Mordekaiser rework is set to drop along with patch 9.12.

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