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mordekaiser rework new

Riot having already stated that LoL champion,  Mordekaiser was being reworked announced his new abilities yesterday stating that the Iron revenant was back from the afterworld and ready to conquer the land of the living by consuming souls of his enemies, gaining strength and giving them death. What sort of Mordekaiser rework information has been revealed to us? Let’s take a quick glance!

The new master of death has a lot of new abilities following the rework done to him among which are that he absorbs damage taken or damage dealt to charge his shield and he can also consume this shield for health…how cool is that.

mordekaiser rework information

He has a deadly claw that drags enemies towards him dealing damage and tons of terror and also he can banish a single enemy champion  to the death realm for a gruesome one on one fight and if he ends up destroying them, he gets to consume their soul and he can outplay his opponent by turning fights when the odds are against him by punishing enemy opponents in the death realm and returning to eliminate the rest. Having to be 1 v 1 with Mordekaiser is probably not going to be the best situation any LoL player will want to be in now.


However, from the gameplay review reveal shown by Riot, it is seen that the rework done to Mordekaiser makes him more intriguing and will be a good champion to try out for LoL players whether pros or not. That’s about it for the Mordekaiser rework information revealed by Riot. Soon, there will be more to follow!

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