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New Hero Of League of Legends

More rumors regarding the new hero in LoL appeared on the network. Fans of the game are confident that they will be able to steal abilities from the champions of rivals as does Rubick in Dota 2.

Fans of League of Legends believe that the mysterious chain is the weapon of a new hero. How exactly the mechanics of the theft of spells will work is unknown.Since Riot Games has not previously used it in its MOBA. Talk about an unusual character appeared: After the publication of new art on the official website of the game.

New Hero Of LoL

Credits: Riot Games

They depict the warriors of the kingdom of Demacia – Lux, Garen, Jarvan IV and Galio. Each of them is shackled by a mysterious chain. The heroes helplessly observe how their own ultimatum abilities destroy their homeland.


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