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Earlier this week riot games announced visual updates to two of their oldest champions, the angelic sisters of Kayle and Morgana.  Both of these reworks  come with new spell animations and voice lines for each champion.

From a mechanical perspective Kayle is undergoing the more in depth rework with changes to every single one of her abilities.

Her passive now unleashes waves of true damage whenever she auto attacks at level 16, allowing the heal to work on both her and the closest ally to her ultimate ability not only  providing temporary invunerability but also summoning swords to deal damage to nearby allies.

morgana and kayle

Morgana on the other hand receives movement speed whenever she casts her ultimate and some number changes to her w tormented soil.

Both champions share splash arts on 2 of their skins and the rework is planned to hit the live servers on Patch 9.5.


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