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most expensive gaming setups

Greetings readers! After doing a bit of research on the net, I sought after some of the most expensive gaming setups out there in 2019. The owners/users of these setups have been quite creative with them.

They’ve gone as far as having customized logos stitched onto their gaming chairs and PCs, having refrigerators installed and even being equipped with sound mixers. Are you ready to look at some of the most expensive gaming setups?

7. Lachlan’s Setup

Well known Fornite Streamer Lachlan has a nifty setup. His PC’s CPU has been upgraded with an Intel Core i9 10 Core. The motherboard is an Asus Prime X299 Deluxe. The monitor is a gorgeous Samsung QLED Gaming Monitor. Lachlan plans to add more to the setup. I didn’t quite see anything super eye-opening or different with his setup, but it’s not a cheap one. Right now its worth is just over $7,000.

6. CourageJD’s Setup

The next setup is by streamer CourageJD. He has only 4 BenQ XL 144 hz monitors on a triple setup plus one being ran on 2 NZXT PCs (1 for streaming and 1 for gaming). A cool accessory is that he has an ASTRO MixAmp that features Dolby Digital Surround Sound. He also has a Turtle Beach Pro headset and one of, if not the lightest out there, a Wireless Ninja Air Mouse. That brings CourageJD’s setup’s worth a bit north of $10,000.

5. Sceptic’s Setup

This next setup did impress me, especially considering it was put together by a 14 year old with money he made from Esports. Sceptic smartly equipped a $300 mini fridge to his setup, in his bedroom. Sceptic purchased a Vertagear PL 4500 Gaming Chair, 2 Dell Monitors and 2 webcams. He also has a $1,000 Sound Mixer, with his PC costing over $10,000. His entire setup is worth over $15,000.

4. Tfue’s Setup

TFue and Sceptic have a very similar setup as far as specs and some equipment go. It seems that his items are high end upgrades from Sceptic’s setup, though. Let’s get into the best parts of his setup. He has a great headset in the Sennheiser HD 660 and a great mic in the Shure SM7B Microphone, viewing everything on 3 ASUS 240 hz monitors equipped with a Logitech Brio Webcam. Just the gaming PC with a water cooling system was over $15,000, while he’s still using a $700 Custom DigitalStorm streaming PC. This setup is said to be valued just over $25,000.

3. Reaxtion’s Setup

Reaxtion’s setup is probably the one I’d prefer for those clumsy people who trip over wires. This is actually a great example for those who wish to build a PC gaming setup in Esports. He hid wires very well, and I can assure you he didn’t tidy things up for the camera. Another user of the super light Ninja Air Mass Mouse, also having a triple monitor setup using 3 ASUS 240 hz gaming monitors, the Sennheiser HD 660 headset and the Ducky 1-2 Mini keyboard that the previous 3 streamers have.

2. Unbox Therapy’s Setup

This is one of the most expensive gaming setups in 2019, created by UnboxTherapy. This isn’t so much a setup….this thing makes me think you’re in a lab chair. The chair was built by ImperatorWorks. 2 unique features the chair has are footrests that can be raised to your liking, as well as a built-in massage system. There’s a remote control arm for the keyboard desk that moves away smoothly. So, essentially, this is a gaming setup as well as a workstation. The whole station can recline if you happen to become very lazy or plan on playing your game for a while.

He also has a Playstation 4 and a refreshment cart with snacks and a Coca-Cola fridge. You would be looking up at about 100 inches of widescreen viewing display from 4K LG monitors. Valued at about $30,000, this is easily one of the most expensive gaming setups we’ve stumbled across.

1. Ninja & Red Bull Gaming’s Collab Setup

Lastly, in case you haven’t heard – pro gamer Ninja and Red Bull Gaming collaborated in his bedroom (not in that way) on this one of a kind setup. The creation of the Ninja Dojo is too much for words, you need an actual tour guide. Getting into the specs of the PCs motherboard would be another conversation, I would easily miss out on something….I don’t even know what runs his setup.

He has 3 Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K Digital Cameras (valued at $5,000 each), disco lights, an analyst area to broadcast tips with an 82 inch 4K TV, and another wall with 5 other 4K TVs that range from 43″-55″. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone in the world spending this amount of money on a setup. This is one of the most expensive gaming setups in 2019….if not ever.


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