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From LEC Spring Split 2019 professional scene, we have just encountered one of the most exciting games ever to be seen in the League of Legends history. eSports’ Fnatic and G2 brawled today with tremendous will and gave us a heartstopping 48-minute match.

The match started by Fnatic taking the early lead. With swift pick-up kills and their focus on the objectives, taking 3 dragons, 9 towers, and a Baron, Fnatic secured a whole 8.000 gold lead within 30 minutes of the game. By this point of the match, it was easy to say the Fnatic would close the game on the opposing team, but G2 had an ace up their sleeve.

lec spring split 2019Image credit: Riot Games

Martin “Wunder” Hansen, top laner of G2, seeing his team crumble, set up a plan. Tactical ambush positioning, and catching Fnatic off guard as they let their advantage hit to their head, allowed Wunder to lead his team to a gap of only 2.000 gold. Next position was Wunder’s remarkable Real Warp at the Elder pit, allowing his team to crush Fnatic, and take the lead.

With Elder by G2’s side going against them, Fnatic had no other choice but to quickly take Baron buff to stand a chance against G2’s relentless comeback. The moment of Fnatic taking Baron, Wunder made a bold, yet compulsory decision to Realm Warp and give their all to back door Fnatic’s base. But, as G2 had a leader, so did Fnatic. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson quickly saw through this and did the same.

Even though G2 showed great spirit in coming back from such a disadvantage, Fnatic was still the better team to win the ever-glowing, 48-minute, base race match of LEC Spring Split 2019.


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