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MSI 2019 Finals

The 2019 Midseason Invitational of the League of Legends which lasted for more than two weeks in two different countries in this month of May has finally come to an end with G2 Esports going head to head with Team Liquid in the finals and defeating them to win Europe’s first MSI Championship. It was a final of no contest as G2 won team liquid by 3-0  in one of the fastest best of five finals in LOL history.

Even though Team Liquid had earlier pulled up a shock by defeating world champions, Invictus Gaming and upsetting the already predicted international finals, they failed to replicate such form in the finals against G2 as they looked totally different from the team who had earlier on removed the grip of Asian dominance from the game.

Sjokz Celebrating with MSI 2019 Trophy

Courtesy Dexerto

G2 took the game to Team Liquid never giving them a chance to breathe, it was attack-attack from the get-go and they totally cruised through game one within 25 minutes, in the second game, Team Liquid was a little bit better but all that ended pretty quickly as the European team ended the contest within 28 minutes after getting back into the game. The last series round didn’t exactly go Team Liquid’s way as it started off poorly as G2’s pressure was just too much for Liquid to handle and in 17 minutes it was all over!

While it is a disappointing result from Team Liquid, there are a lot of positives to take from it. To beat Invictus Gaming, it shows that western teams are no longer playing catch up…they are done catching up and LOL tournaments are even about to get more heated. For G2 they will be looking to build on this and show why Europe is a force to reckon with in the League of Legends world. A fitting end to the MSI 2019 Finals.

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