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We’ve already grown accustomed to shock games in the League of Legends competitive scene, but I don’t think anyone expected Cloud9 to be so great. They experienced a slight downfall over the years but they’re back and they’re strong. Cloud9 finished second in the overall season standings which is a great effort. One win behind Team Liquid, and a 61% winrate was enough to propel the team to the NA LCS Summer Playoffs. The NA LCS Cloud9 we’re seeing now is their best show in a couple of years.

They did have their work cut out for them, as did every team this year. Just by looking at the finishing results (12-6 for Liquid, 11-7 C9, 10-8 between 4 teams…) we can reach the conclusion that no one had it easy. Even Liquid had to push themselves further than before for victory and glory.

And now, we’re one day away from a historic match between Cloud9 and Team Liquid in the NA LCS 2018 Summer Playoffs!

eSports betting enthusiasts are looking to convert their knowledge into cash but I don’t think it’ll be as easy as some might think. Sure, Cloud9 have beaten Team Liquid in the LCS both times, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win the Finals.

The Path to Glory

Cloud9 had quite the issues over the last couple of years, managing 2nd place in the playoffs in 2016 (losing 1-3 to TSM in the Finals). Last year, and 2015, they were not nearly as good as when they first joined the NA LCS.

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It took some restructuring, motivation, change of play, lots of training, and lots of teamplay to reach the point where they’re at now. I think that even if they lose the finals, they should be satisfied with their efforts because it takes a lot of dedication to come back and show the world you still have what it takes.

And it’s not easy going up against 9 teams twice and managing to come out on top with a free spot in the playoffs. Even though it was close, they still managed it and I think deservedly so. eSports playing isn’t something you learn over night, and even the biggest of gamers have trouble acclimating to such a new environment (not to mention the teamplay and practice you need to have).

Cloud9 teammates having a laugh

Cloud9 are back and stronger than ever before

They’re Back?

If the finals end up being anything like the semifinals against TSM (which ended in a close victory for C9 against TSM, beating them 3-2), we’re in for an amazing show. In any case, Cloud9 seems to have returned to the fray stronger than ever, and that’s exactly what they’re showing.

Cloud9 was NA’s favorite team because they started dominating as soon as they entered the LCS. NA LCS Cloud9 of the past was terrifying; you could never know what they might do. It was a shame that they slowly started dwindling and not achieving the same success as they did before. But, it’s also lovely seeing them come back from the dead! Who knows, maybe Cloud9 figured out things and fixed everything to become the global threat they once were!


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3 years ago

Even though, they still give their best performance for the sake of their fans, not only that to inspire also the all players around the esports industry.

Hung Ye
3 years ago

Hell yeah cloud9 team is good in DOTA2 and CSGO and I don’t know what happen in this team, maybe the game? No doubt that the game is not necessarily enjoyable. SMH

3 years ago

Just continue playing esports games to show that we have big future in this industry, we all players, gamers are need to support the esports!