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NBA 2k19

I took a look at Xbox Live a couple of weeks ago… and I noticed something rather odd on the screen. NBA 2K19, one of the most popular games of the year, had quite the price reduction… to $2.99. Considering that its price right before the reduction was $59.99, I was in complete shock. Then I bought the game, since I didn’t own it yet. The NBA 2K19 sale was a welcome sight, and a welcome addition to my game collection.

With NBA 2K20 coming out in September 2019, it makes sense for 2K19’s value to decrease. After all, 2K20 is coming out only three months away from now. A discount makes complete sense. However, nobody was expecting the game to have THIS kind of discount. So, what was the cause of such a price drop?

NBA 2k19 sale

This game has received a ton of complaints after its highly anticipated release last year. One of the bigger complaints comes from the collective irritation with the microtransactions in the game. The currency that’s used in 2K is called “VC,” which stands for “virtual currency,” and you have to spend it on almost EVERYTHING. If you want to upgrade your “MyPlayer,” you can expect to spend a LOT of time and VC on it.

The same can be said about 2K’s “MyTeam” mode, which also requires a ton of VC if you want to have a solid team to play with. Some people spend real money on VC as well, and spending money may seem like a bad deal. The developers placed the value of VC too high, which is why the game itself hasn’t been as popular.

nba 2k19 myteam

The game’s mechanics are arguably worse as well. Players can’t move as well as they did in previous 2K games, and that has been an issue since its release. The defense is simply too much. There’s no reason why players like Giannis or James Harden should be having trouble getting around average NBA defenders. However, it can be a struggle for them in 2K. 


Is the game worth only $2.99? Absolutely not. It is still a quality sports game worth playing. The $2.99 price disappeared shortly after the sale ended, but it is still being sold at a reduced price of $19.99 on multiple platforms. Hopefully, we will see a better game in NBA 2K20 in a few months. Until then, we just have to enjoy the newest NBA game to date – 2K19.
P.S. Yes, “MyPlayer” is still as addictive as ever, lol. Hopefully, the NBA 2K19 sale reappears in NBA 2K20 as well haha.

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