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Riot Games, like every year, plans a lot of new features for the new season. Changes in the qualifiers, in the season itself, in the honor system and in the champions themselves. Now, in addition, the details of a new champion have been leaked. Something that, despite being a novelty, does not break the Riot tonic of introducing several new characters every year.

New Champion And Skins Leaked In LoL

On the other hand, in addition to this new champion, the leak includes the reworks of Kayle and Morgana. As well as a series of new skins for Sejuani, KhaZix and Rengar, Tristana. Nunu, Veigar, Zyra and Syndra. In addition to a legendary skin for Ivern.

We do not know yet what Riot will bring us . But since reddit have leaked some details about the nature of it. Among the leaks it is the claim that it will be a ” chained ” character . With a tank role.


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