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As we know it, League of Legends bounty system hasn’t been the best at its performance. Due to the fact that the system was not explained thoroughly and many people in the League community were left questioned on how it actually works. Pointing out to the CS bounties to make them more understandable.

With our luck, Riot Games is changing up the bounty system (with Patch 9.6), and by the looks of it, this just might be what we needed. Initially, CS bounties were added with a reason to counter early game snowballing, so you could farm more peacefully without getting snowballed too hard by your opponents’ counter, which in time became overpowering.

Image credit: Riot Games

The first change was in Patch 9.5, where the minion score bounties were reduced by 25 percent. Given the example, players would get 50 bounty per 150 gold, but after the 9.6 changes, players would make 50 bounty per 200 gold instead, making the game more balanced. Furthermore, now lose a minion score bounty when you lose your advantage, which is also a significant balance to the system. And lastly for Patch 9.6, support gold items will now contribute to bounties as well.

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We will see how the changes will indicate the balance to the bounty system,  for far what know, Riot Games is on the case.


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