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Dota 2 Play Dress-Up is a new Arcade game mode that will burst you to tears.

What is Dota 2 Play Dress-up?

Dota 2 Play Dress-Up is a new Arcade Game in the Dota 2 world. With Dota 2’s vast item outlook setup, the possibilities of dressing the right heroes the wrong way are unimaginable.

Some combinations might even shock you when you see a Tidehunter wearing Crystal Maiden’s clothes. While other may even burst you into tears when you see a Techies wearing Terrorblade’s Arcana, yelling – You can’t keep a demon down!

The best thing about Dota 2 Play Dress-Up is that you can dress Tiny with a dress.

Image courtesy: Dota 2 Valve

Finally, there are true and meaningful reasons to explore your item collection, besides looking to find what’s there to bet on the upcoming tournaments.

The name of this Arcade Game is Dota Dressing Room – Warmful Ancient. It came out in February, while for some reason, its creator wasn’t Valve itself. It was rather a fan based parody made by pilaoda. And believe me, I’m happy they’ve made it.

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So many items, with many combinations with our cosmetic Dota 2 wardrobe, that every hero has a new specific, yet hilarious outlook. Although, the wardrobe sections of the Arcade Game isn’t fully complete. When the game blew up, Pilaoda approached their fans. They told us they have in stored for us an encyclopedia of all the game’s cosmetic that exist in the Dota 2 world. Pilaoda doesn’t have the exact date of their update release. From what they’ve said, it won’t take longer than one to two months.

While Dota 2 Play Dress-up with your heroes isn’t much of an Arcade Game by itself, the ability to more effectively showcase your items, while bursting you to tears is something that the community is looking for. This hilarious Arcade Game has already stacked 50,000 followers, and it’s only going to grow.

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