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Griffin esports team

After three weeks of play in the LCK there is only a single team that has yet to lose a series, it is the darling of 2018 summer in Griffin. After their promotion in the summer split the team made a name for themselves when they made the summer finals and narrowly lost to KT Rolster before being denied a shot at worlds by Gen.G.

kings of lck

Sticking with the same lineup for 2019 they started of their season by going undefeated not only in the Kespa Cup but also in their first five series which featured matches against former title holders like SKT and Kingzone-Dragon X. They capped it off by taking down the other undefeated team, one of the newest additions to the LCK Sandbox Gaming.

Hopefully this run of form can continue and we see how this very young team can stack up against stiffer international competition like G2, Team Liquid and world champions Invictus Gaming, be that at the Mid-Season Invitational or Worlds. Either way the new kings of LCK have more than proven themselves  as forces to be reckoned with as they stand atop a number of stat tables with their mid laner Chovy boasting an impressive KDA of 42, which at one point was 104.

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