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Hello and welcome. Today we talk about the New MSI Skin and Rift Changes inside of League of Legends world.

Since we’re only a few days from the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational clashing of teams, Riot Games has decided to surprise us with some of the artistic rift changes, with an additional new MSI skin for us to enjoy.

Alongside making the game more beautiful, today we’ve been given all the information that’s involved with the in-game markings which we can now all delight in during the big event.

Map Changes

Riot Games is known for its tradition to brighten things up just before the big tournaments start to pop-up on the big screens. Additional to the latest “MSI patch 9.8“, Riot granted us another in-game celebration for the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational.

The first, and most authentic of the rift changes are the magnificent MSI 2019 banners surrounding the spawn platforms on both sides of the map. Given it’s a small detail, the flags bring out the aura which gives that extra glare when respawning and charging into battle.

The Baron Nashor got a new dynamic outlook with the new MSI Rift Changes.

Image courtesy: League of Legends

You wouldn’t believe it, but the Baron Nashor also got a smooth-ass change. His new stylish Mid-Season Invitational look makes him rather less ferocious, but more dynamical to the eye. Something like the combination of a „Championship“ skin with the touch of „Conqueror“ design. Truly majestic.

The last change is community’s favorite. They’ve added glorifying pedestals at the edge of the rift’s Top-Lane that will symbolize the winner of the 2019 MSI. The pedestals are embedded with the MSI logo on the bottom rim of the stand. But for now, the pedestal remains unwritten.

The gloryfing pedestals of the new MSI rift.

Image courtesy: League of Legends

New MSI Skin

Additional to their tradition to light things up before the Big Bang is leaving their tournament-prize-pool open before the unraveling. Riot Games themselves invests a big load, (in MSI case – 250 grand), and offer a promotional in-game item from which they add a % of the profit made to the MSI prize pool.

This year’s promotional in-game item is an outrageous champion skin – the Conquerer Alistar skin, with the additional Conquerer Ward skin. With these two babies, the MSI tradition of Conqueror MSI skins continue, and we’re always happy to them coming.

With these promotional items, an also new loading screen border comes along in a bundle of 1845 RP. If purchased alone, the Conqueror Alistar skin will costs 975 RP. And lastly, all of the promotional items will be available in a time span from April 30th to June 11th.

The new MSI Alistar Skin is truly outrageous.

Image courtesy: League of Legends

P.S: For those who don’t know, 25% made from the promotional items will be added to the 250 grand MSI-prize-pool.

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Resume on MSI Skin and Rift Changes

Staying true to their tradition, Riot Games has shown us once more that they care about their community. We know that from time to time they can mess up the game when adding a new champion without balancing it first, and they sometimes nerf the wrong champions and boost the ones who actually earned a nerf.

But Riot is still showing heart by at least make a good experience for us all while we enjoy the game we love. The MSI skin and Rift Changes are looking-good, and by the Nashor’s face, we can see that he’s satisfied too.

With these new changes, we’re looking forward to the upcoming 2019 Mid-Season Invitational clash.

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