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Just a few short days after the release of Gridlock and Mozzie, fans of Rainbow 6 Siege are already excited over new Operators hinted at in an unconfirmed leak.

Resetera user Kormora, who accurately leaked information about Operation Burnt Horizon, took to the forums again to share the abilities and gadgets of two new possible Operators. They weren’t as generous this time around as they were in sharing their info on Burnt Horizon, offering up only two enticing clues:

“Danish attacker is invisible to cameras and has a sort of silent step similar to Cav. Secret Service defender has special eyesight that bypasses flashes and smokes.”

“Cav” references an existing Operator named Caveira, whose “Silent Step” ability makes her movements near-silent for a limited amount of time.

Kormora offered no clues as to the identity of their informant, only identifying them as “a[n] industry friend.”

While this leak is technically unconfirmed, the existence of one new Operator was hinted at in a trailer released by Ubisoft earlier this year. At the end of the trailer, a board covered in notes, photos, and a map revealed clues about the Danish Operator and their abilities to eagle-eyed fans. The “Secret Service” Operator is just that for the time being–a secret. But an exciting one!

The same trailer also depicts a blueprint for a proximity alarm, leading many to hope we’d soon see the new gadget in-game, but no dice as of yet.


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