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The newest summoner spell Backtrack has brought sunshine to the dark relm of ARAM.

The newest summoner spell, Backtrack, hits the scene in Patch 9.7. It’s a summoner spell like we have never seen before. Backtrack is a combination of Barrier, and, believe it or not, time travel. This newest summoner spell introduces a new mechanic that will most likely help balance out the champions who already have troubles showing them as useful in the ARAM game type.

The initial part of Backtrack is pretty straight forward. It gives you a shield for 3 seconds that scales based on your champion’s level, although the shield is greatly lesser than the original Barrier. And that’s completely fair due to it’s following ability.

This is what makes this newest summoner spell one of a kind. After your shield runs out, your champion will teleport back in time similar to Echo’s ultimate. You will also become invulnerable during this period of time making it an even greater escape mechanic. But here’s the catch. None of the channeling spells will be ceased while teleporting. To give you an example, if you cast Backtrack while charging in with Skarner, your ultimate won’t break through the teleporting process.

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Here is a video so you can fully grasp just how awesome this new summoner spell is:

Backtrack makes a big chunk of champions that seemed useless in the ARAM mode more viable again. And lastly, Backtrack has a 180-second cooldown, which makes it a shortest-cooldown-summoner after the Snowball-tag spell.

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Possibilities of Backtrack

The possibilities of this newest summoner spell are limitless. There are more than several combinations with Backtrack that make it more than just a free escape spell. Skarner, that we mentioned before, will be the star of ARAM. Imagine charging in, grabbing your enemy with your Ultimate, teleporting back with Backtrack, and adding a Flash to it. You could pull him from the center of the map to your inhibitor, trapping him behind your team.

But that’s just the beginning. Another champion that will gain even more recognition in the map of ARAM is „Definitely not Blitzcrank“. Pulling back your enemies with the hook was fun, but pulling back your enemies 3 times further back is even more fun. Although the timing with Blitzcrank’s Backtrack-Hook combo will take practice.

Blitzcrank loves the newest summoner spell Backtrack.

Image courtesy : League of Legends

There are many more champions that Backtrack empowered in the map of ARAM, making it more exciting than before. Try them out, you surely won’t regret it.


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