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Ninja twitch

Tyler Blevins, also popularly known as Ninja, is a name you cannot omit when talking about the best player plus streamer there is in the world of Fortnite and Twitch, maybe even gaming in general. Ninja has accomplished a whole lot and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Earlier this week, he teased a video on his Twitter page. It said a big announcement was coming in on the 1st of August. Today, Ninja took the gaming world by surprise when he announced that he would no longer be streaming on Twitch. Instead, he will be streaming exclusively on Mixer, which is Microsoft’s streaming platform built into the Xbox one.

With Ninja making this announcement, it would seem his fans are already making the switch to Mixer with him. He already had about 18,000 followers just this morning. It’s a long way from his 10 million on Amazon’s Twitch, but the rebuilding process is progressing very well.

ninja leaves twitch

Ninja’s move is a major loss for Amazon’s Twitch, and it shows that Microsoft is stepping up its game in a market where Twitch is said to be the most dominant player. When asked how this will affect his streams, Ninja answered “It’s still the same me, just different platforms”.

With 2019 almost over, it’s safe to say this switch by Ninja will definitely be a huge deal for the Esports market in the coming years.

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