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The Swedish Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster has beaten ViCi 2-1 and entered the New Legends Stage at IEM Katowice. NiP in New Legends Stage are going to give their best effort to stay competitive and move forward.

The first fight started off on Train map with ViCi winning the pistol round. ViCi’s WingHei “Freeman” Cheung and ZhiHong “aumaN” Liu both got double kills in this one.

NiP in New Legends Stage

In the fourth round, NiP responded with a victory and pushing the score to 3-1. ViCi then continued excelling with aumaN and zhokiNg bringing their team double kills, pushing it to 4-1.

f0rest then got a triple kill and helped motivate his team to push harder. This resulted in a four-round streak for NiP and got the team in the lead at 5-4. aumaN managed to pick up a quad-kill with an AUG and tied the round to 5-5. The last three rounds were closely won by NiP with an 8-7 score.

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NiP’s f0rest continued his contribution and played an important role in the second pistol round. In a 2v3 situation, f0rest picked up a triple kill and won. Fast forward, and the map was concluded with a 16-7 score for NiP.

The second map, Inferno again started with ViCi winning the first four rounds. Only at the sixth round did NiP wake up and tie the game to 5-5. f0rest’s impressive ace gave the lead to NiP and won them the first half at 8-7.

The second pistol round was taken by ViCi again. Although NiP won the last map quite convincingly, they had trouble getting back at their rivals and lost this map, bringing the overall score to 1-1. At this moment, it was really rocky if we’re going to be seeing NiP in New Legends Stage.

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The concluding map Mirage started with NiP’s GeT_RiGhT winning a 1v2 with a quad kill, giving his team the pistol round. Although they lost the first weapon round, NiP were swift to fight back and made it 3-1 with a force-buy. The Swedish team took the first half with 11-4.

ViCi got the bomb down on B in pistol round 2 but NiP retook it and extended the lead to 12-4. The map was finally concluded at 16-10 for the Swedes, securing a place for NiP in New Legends Stage.


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