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Nitrogen Sports Review – An In-depth Look at This Betting Site

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Finding the perfect website for eSports betting can be a rather tricky task. Yes, we are well familiar with the struggle, my dear readers. We were, a long time ago, in the same situation like the most of you reading this. It’s even trickier to find a proper (read legit) esports betting website with a particular payment method. However, this Nitrogen Sports review is the solution for all classifications above. It’s 100% legit, it’s already making quite a name for itself out there… plus – it works via very specific payment method that we’re sure most of you have already heard of – Bitcoin!

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Betting types available at Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogensports Betting Categories as seen on the official website

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Some people play esports for fun while others only love watching it. However, there’s a third type of people – those who love betting on eSports. If you fall into the third category then keep on reading because Nitrogen Sports has everything it takes to satisfy your eSports betting cravings!

  • Live Betting

Even though there’s a dedicated live betting section on Nitrogen Sports official website, you’ll rarely find eSports matches on there. However, this is bound to change in the near future, otherwise it wouldn’t be offered there in the first place.Nitrogensports sign up banner

  • Special Betting

In terms of special betting, there are several notable entries here. The most important one being handicap matches which are a hot topic not just in traditional sports but eSports as well.

Nitrogen Sports payment methods

Bitcoin accepted here bannerAs we already mentioned above, Nitrogen Sports is not your typical website for eSports betting. As a matter of fact, Nitrogen Sports review will serve as a good explanation for why is that so. Well, first reason is definitely their choice of payment method. So, without beating around the bush for much longer, let’s see what exactly Bitcoin is and is it a safe payment method to being with!

What is bitcoin?

For those of you who have been living under a boulder for the past couple of years, let me explain what Bitcoin really is. Cryptocurrencies have been taking the world by storm and enjoying a huge popularity over the last year or so. Bitcoin, the finest (and first) proper cryptocurrency is still the leading horse in what seems to be a multi-billion dollar race. The best thing about Bitcoin is the fact that it doesn’t rely on banks for transactions. Instead, it all revolves around the blockchain network. This is an incredibly comprehensive and complex technology that there’s no point in explaining it here. As far as Nitrogen Sports review is concerned – all you need to know is that Bitcoin is a worldwide renowned cryptocurrency characterized by simple and fast transactions with low fees.

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Highly professional customer support team

A crucial thing for every bookmaker (not just bookmakers but generally all B2C companies as well) out there is a professional and highly skilled customer support. Having an issue with something can be frustrating. It can be even more frustrating if you cannot contact anyone to try and fix the issue. Luckily for Nitrogen Sports (and all their clients), their customer support is nothing short of brilliant. Even though they aren’t that flexible in terms of chatting methods (they are only available via emails), they make up for it with class A service. Plus, they are very fast with their responses which is always a huge plus for potentially frustrated clients.

Nitrogensports ticketing system as seen on the website

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It’s not mentioned anywhere, but we’d say their customer support is located somewhere in the USA. That’s because their staff seems to be writing in native English which makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Native language makes for a much easier communication. That, combined with extreme professionalism and kind words makes Nitrogen Sports customer support team a top tier team!

Nitrogen sports email support as shown on the site

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Betting licenses – Nitrogen Sports

As far as betting licenses are concerned, there’s nothing to worry about with this one… and this part of Nitrogen Sports Review will explain why. First of all, they are a 100% legit company with their base being located in Costa Rica. Their betting license originates from Costa Rica too, meaning they have to provide insight and comply to all the rules and regulations made by the Costa Rican betting regulators.Flag of Costa Rica

Many people think Nitrogen Sports is a shady website just because it operates on the blockchain network. In other words, all transactions completed on Nitrogen Sports are valued in Satoshi, small fractions of Bitcoin. While that might be the case with some other cryptocurrency-oriented esports bookies, we can assure you Nitrogen Sports is as legit as it can be. So, as far as payments and licenses are concerned, there’s nothing wrong about Nitrogen Sports.

Overall experience using Nitrogen Sports

If you’re looking to bet on eSports via Nitrogen Sports website, doing so is actually rather easy. We know some of you might be used to bet-at-home, BetWay and similar sites for eSports betting. Honestly speaking, these often aren’t user friendly and can seem complicated to even the most experienced users. However, Nitrogen takes user experience at the top of its task list. With a brilliant website design and easy to navigate pages, your stay on Nitrogen Sports website will be nothing but pleasant.

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How to find your favorite eSports bets?

On the left hand side you’ll find a huge list of sports available for betting on Nitrogen Sports. That list includes the traditional sports such as tennis, basketball, football, baseball and so on. However, the priority of this bookie is definitely the eSports niche. It’s first on the list and only takes a single click coming from the homepage to venture into the eSports betting section.

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