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A massive showdown between the New York Excelsior and Seoul Dynasty ended with an overwhelming 3-1 victory in NYXL’s favor. At six wins and zero losses in stage one, NYXL have become the first team to win a guaranteed spot in the stage playoffs two weeks from now.

NYXL and Dynasty have a long-standing rivalry. Both teams were incredibly strong competitors through the first several stages of Overwatch League’s inaugural season. But NYXL has been in especially fine form in stage one of this season. While their star player JJoNak continues to raise the bar for all pro Zenyatta players and Meko and Mano continue to dominate the tank scene, tank-flex Nenne really shone tonight and was named the match’s MVP. Nenne is a new addition to the NYXL roster and has spent most of his time this season playing an intimidating Zarya. Tonight, however, his flex to Tracer produced some thrilling play to watch.

The night boiled down to an intense conclusion on Dorado, where NYXL managed a full hold and prevented Seoul from eking out a single point. Mano—who does his job so well that he often gets passed over—pulled off a ridiculous play that capped the series for NYXL. You can check it out in the Tweet below.

In the post-game interview, a very confident JJoNak promised competitors that NYXL won’t be beaten, and issued a very personal challenge to Seoul Dynasty’s ryujehong. ryujehong, despite being a talented Zenyatta player, lags far behind JJoNak in terms of average damage per ten minutes. JJoNak’s smack talk has stepped up as NYXL continues to accrues wins.

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NYXL has one more match in this stage; they’ll face off against the San Francisco Shock Friday, March 8th. Seoul Dynasty, now with a win-loss record of 2-3, will play Washington Justice and London Spitfire before the stage ends. Someone in the top eight would have to take a huge fall for Seoul to have another shot at climbing into the stage playoffs.

NYXL, on the other hand, are looking almost untouchable. Their matchup against the Vancouver Titans, the only other undefeated team in the league, should be nothing short of explosive.


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