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Timothy Anselimo in hospital

About 8 months ago in Jacksonville, Florida the gaming community suffered a tragedy at Jacksonville Landing. Timothy “oLarry” Anselimo, well-known NBA 2K player nearly lost his life during a spur of the moment Madden 19 qualifier trip to catch up with friends. I remember seeing the story on ESPN and was in awe about the situation. With the gaming community so passionate about coming together for the love of a game and competition, its a shame some terrorist shot and murdered innocent humans at an innocent event. And that’s what’s so special and inspiring about the oLarry comeback.

Anselimo had been a great online competitor awhile now, while being a car salesman. He was drafted last year in the first season of the NBA 2K League as the 25th pick to represent or play for the Milwaukee Bucks. At the end of the shooting, Anselimo made it safely to a closeby Hooters to get help for other as well as himself. Four bullets from the suspect’s pistol had stuck Timothy, one in the hip, one on the right side of his chest and two through his right hand.

oLarry comeback

Anselimo woke up hours later at UF Health Jacksonville to see his mother arrive after the shooting. Body still in pain, bandages soaked and dried in blood with his hand wounded by gunfire he thought for sure his gaming career was over. The shock of the incident held him from his memory to recall the details. Timothy did say he barely knew the man who shot him and remembers him literally bumping into during the competition weekend.

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Timothy was eventually released by the Bucks over the injury. He returned home battling the pain and going through physical therapy while still continuing to play despite what the doctor said. “I can’t let the competition get ahead” said Anselimo. A few weeks later, the Cavs Legion organization reached out to Anselimo. He got his second chance and gathered up the confidence and swag he needed to fully focus and compete better than he did before. Anselimo is remembered as a surviving victim but will definitely go down as a big inspiration in the gaming community.


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