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As day three of the Dota 2 DreamLeague Major competition has come to an end, we can see that the outcome for Na’vi did not turn out to be as predicted. The elimination match was between North American team J.Storm, and Ukraine most famous Dota 2 team, Natus Vincere.

Dota 2 dreamleague majorImage Credit: Dota 2 DreamHack

On the beginning of the match, things started looking good for Na’Vi. At first 10 minutes of the game, they’ve taken first blood, did unexpected smoke-ganks, and made themselves a good early-game lead. Unfortunately, their teamwork crumbles at the fifteen-minute mark, as J.Storm starts taking control over the map.

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After figuring out their strategy, J. Storm knew what they had to do. With correct ward positioning, quick defensive rotations, and effectively using the space in-between to take down towers, J.Storm had an outstanding comeback. With their net worth growing and creating enough space to farm, Moo on his Lifestealer was getting unstoppable. He took advantage of the situation, by performing perfectly on his carry position, and securing twenty kills for his team.

Na’Vi gave their best to get out of J.Strom’s claws, endured 28 minutes of the game, but with their rax pushed, both on top and mid lane, their loss was inevitable. J.Storm finished it off through the bottom lane, unleashing mega-creeps, tearing down Na’Vi’s throne and securing their position in the round two of the lower bracket.

Looking back to Na’Vi’s success throughout the years, it’s sad to see such a team lose their integrity. But it is obvious to say, that things were never the same, after their iconic player of the decade, Dendi, left the team.

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