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OneHash is becoming the bread and butter of online Bitcoin betting. With an extremely polished, user-friendly website, they are making quite a name for themselves out there. As we all know, Bitcoin betting website are a hot topic nowadays. The same goes for mutual betting websites. Well, driven by this chronology, it’s only logical to conclude that OneHash is a brilliant combination of both spheres!

OneHash Review | Available Betting Types

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As far as betting types are concerned, OneHash doesn’t fail to deliver. Perhaps it’s not exactly the best eSpotrts bookie in terms of special bets, but it still manages to tap things out with style. During our initial test when making the content for our OneHash review, we stumbled upon roughly 4 to 6 special bets. That’s excluding the match winner bet.

Most frequently available special bets on OneHash were Total Rounds, Map Winner, and Maps Over/Under. Needless to say, these are crowd favorites too so chances are high you will be able to bet on the specials you want.

Payment Methods Available at OneHash

Most of the time, eSports bookmakers have abundant payment methods available to cater to clients from all over the world. However, there are some bookies that specialize in just one, usually very rare, payment method. Its approach to clients is very narrow but they’ll have good numbers for that specific client type. The same can be said about OneHash.

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You see, OneHash is a mutual Bitcoin bookie which means 2 things:

1st – OneHash is tightly connected with the blockchain technology. This means it only accepts Bitcoin deposits and will only send you your winnings in Bitcoin. It doesn’t accept any other type of deposit or withdrawal options.

2nd – OneHash is a mutual betting site which means all bets on a single match count towards the end match multiplier. Afterwards, all winners split the pot proportional to their initial contribution to the pot itself.

Customer Support Stands Strong

Onehash Support Page as seen on the onehash website

Courtesy OneHash

Customer Support at OneHash stands rather strong in contrast to competing websites. They have an online chat that’s available 24/7. We only used it once to see how fast the line is… and we have to say it left us impressed. The connection time took around 1 minute which means there is either very low number of customer support requests or a very large number of CS staff working at OneHash.

OneHash Review | Betting Licenses

As far as we could see from the information available online, OneHash features Curacao regulated betting licenses. Their business is completely transparent and legal under all governing territories. However, if your country has specific online betting regulations, make sure to further explore them before starting your betting career at OneHash.

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Overall Experience Betting on OneHash

If you are looking for a proper mutual eSports betting site with a focus on Bitcoin, then OneHash is the way to go. That’s basically the whole point of our OneHash review here – to tell you about this lesser known eSports bookie that’s quite unique in its business.

And we have to admit – our overall experience using OneHash is absolutely brilliant. Everything from on-site experience, to a number of mutual bets, to mutual betting odds – everything is done in a thrilling matter. 24/7 Customer Support team is present here. The line was quick in our test and the operator we got was pleasant enough to answer a few of our questions. Overall, as far as general experience on OneHash is concerned, it honestly couldn’t be better!

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How to Find Your Favorite eSports Bets on OneHash

Finding your favorite eSports titles to bet on OneHash is really easy. Not only that, their website is extremely fluid too. Very easy to navigate and will charm even the biggest beginners out there. But let’s stick to our current topic at hand – that would be finding eSports markets on their website.

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The easiest way of doing so is by simply clicking on the eSports button at the left side of the screen. That will open up the upcoming matches as well as give you subcategories with the most popular eSports markets. Of course, we are talking about the likes of CSGo, Dota 2, LoL and Overwatch. These are, by far, the most popular titles in the eSports betting industry.

And that’s basically it, from those menus you will be able to pinpoint the location of your desired matchup. Once you see it, simply click on your desired outcome, place your wager and that’s it. Of course, this is with the assumption you’ve already created an account and deposited funds into your online wallet.

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