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Epic Esports Fails – 2019 Edition
Rashidat Jimoh        3 weeks ago
The Esports industry is one that has seen some very awesome game plays and impressive tournament performances and setups...
Revealed: Gamer Deaths That Shocked The World
Ivo Stojanoski        1 month ago
Is playing games dangerous? Could it lead to some weird things happening? Can someone die from playing games? Not likely...
15 Things Forbidden in Esports – How To Avoid Getting Banned or Fined in Esports
Terrell Chatton        1 month ago
When you pursue a career in Esports, make sure you know what you are getting into. There are certain codes of conduct yo...
The Most Popular Fortnite Gamer Girls
Terrell Chatton        1 month ago
Fortnite has held the battle royal crown since 2018 following Ninja’s historic stream with drake and has managed t...
The 7 Biggest Flops in Esports
Chad Bacon        1 month ago
Many video games have been very successful and resulted just as if not better than how the developers had hoped. However...
8 Funny Video Game Glitches that will Make you Laugh
Shimeezy        1 month ago
Video games when done well are some of the most technically impressive forms of media to date, the journeys that we go o...
7 Video Game Endings That Were A Total Mindfuck
Rashidat Jimoh        1 month ago
There’s no denying the fact that there are just video game endings we play and we’re like “what exactl...
5 Perfect Video Game Romances
Chad Bacon        1 month ago
Romances. Aren’t they just lovely? In this article, we are going to discuss the  .  It’s not surprising pl...
9 Awesome Reasons to Date a Professional Gamer
Rashidat Jimoh        2 months ago
The world of gaming has seen a massive evolution from just playing for fun or to release tension to actually becoming an...
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