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Overwatch Anniversary 2019

With only one day left to go, Overwatch’s three-year Anniversary event will be all set to go.

What changes will this years Anniversary bring?

We can expect a bundle of new cosmetics and skins being broth to the game, and also an opportunity to catch up and acquire those from the past via loot boxes. Blizzard will also be looking to bring in newcomers to the birthday party so the game will be going on a week-long Free trial.

Six legendary and three new epic skins will come with the event. Since the Anniversary is not theme based, the developers will have an opportunity to let their creative side blossom. Although old cosmetics and skins have their charm, I will be especially looking forward to the new Academy D․Va.

In case you missed out on some of the past seasonal brawls, they will be playable once again through the Arcade. New Arena maps will also be added and will be playable in the Arcade. However, keep in mind that Seasonal brawls will be rotated daily.

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We should also anticipate the new champions receiving dance emotes, and the old ones being available for purchase once again. Blizzard is putting in the effort to make sure Baptiste, Ashe and Wrecking Ball dance during the event.

Baptiste Overwatch's Anniversary

Make sure to log in for the duration of the Anniversary, as you will receive a Free Legendary Loot Box. The Anniversary Loot Box is sure to bring you a Legendary Item. However, by purchasing a 50 Loot Box bundle, you will receive another Legendary one.

Will there be a new map in the Overwatch’s Anniversary?

Additionally, there is a possibility that the new Singapore map will be released with the event. From a personal viewpoint, this is not unlikely to happen, as we have received new maps during the past Anniversaries. Furthermore, Maximilien has given as a hint of this map, and it is known to be the final location of the Doomfists capture.

Overwatch's Anniversary singapore map release

Why is there so little information on this years Anniversary?

You might have noticed that this years Anniversary hype was rather poor. The reason for this might be the Overwatch Leagues All-Star Game, which was held a week prior to the event. Blizzard has made sure that nothing disrupts the Overwatch League, so an explanation like that seems highly plausible to me. Nevertheless, the mystery around the release might even bring to the overall surprise once it comes out.

Will the 2-2-2 role lock be implemented with the Overwatch’s Anniversary?

Earlier this month, there have been rumors that a 2-2-2 role lock restriction will be implanted into Stage 3 of the Overwatch League. The initiative for this occurred due to the predominance of the current triple-tank, triple support GOATS meta. A change would seemingly bring an even cut amongst the role of DPS, Tank, and Support heroes.

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News of the restriction caused massive confusion amongst the OWL teams, as well as the fans and players. The introduction of the role lock received approval from the majority of the OW community, but will not be implemented any time soon. Although this change would bring some balance to the game, I’m afraid we would lose the creative aspect every new meta brings.

Overwatch Stage 3 Changes

Photo Credits: Blizzard

What will happen to the Overwatch’s Workshop?

The Workshop has been a way for people to make limitless customizations to the game. Thanks to the simplified game scripting system, players are able to create new mods, adding rules and conditions by their demand.

The Overwatch developer Keith Miron made an announcement, that the company is planning to wind down the PTR soon. In case you started working on a project, make sure to save the codes, as they can be transferred. Although the date of the release is not specified, the news led to speculations that the Workshop is ready to be released into the game’s servers, most likely at the Overwatch’s Anniversary event. Regardless, the Workshop is sure to come in the future, as it brings benefits both for Blizzard and the Overwatch community.

The event will begin on May 21 and will continue until June 10, while the free-trial lasts from May 21 to May 28.

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