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Maybe it is his looming appearance, or maybe it is the adrenaline that comes from his endless weighing between life and death. Either way, we are always tempted to give this Katana-shuriken-flinging Hero one more try. With his high mobility, Genji is capable of quickly dashing in and out of combat, leaving a trail of confused enemies behind him. To do so, this Ninja requires a set of skills equal to his own, settling for nothing less than first-class reflexes. Although this might seem intimidating early on, he is sure to be rewarding those who truly master his risky ways. To help you through your path to excellence, we’ve compelled the best beginners Genji Overwatch guide.

Although Genji possesses an ability to deliver extraordinary damage, he will be required to use his mobility if he is to achieve it. Thankfully, with the help of his cybernetic abilities, Genji is capable of swiftly running into combat, slicing enemies on the way. While doing so, few obstacles stand in his way, as he can climb up walls and perform double-jumps in mid-air. However, such mobility does come with a price, as Genji has quite a low health-pool.

Thus, dealing with crowd control abilities might be hard to handle if you are a newcomer to the game. Nevertheless, do not grow concerned, as the sole purpose of the beginners Genji Overwatch guide is to help you overcome these obstacles.


In the beginning, playing Genji might be depressing, as the skillset required to wield him must be at an outstanding level. So, in case you are still getting the hang of Overwatch, he might not come as the best choice. However, if you are still determined to play with the blade-wielding Ninja regardless of the evidence, a bunch-load of persistence will be essential for success. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the key components required for mastering the beginners Genji Overwatch guide.

What are Genji’s Abilities?

As mentioned above, Genji will require comprehensive knowledge to be put into good practice. With his abilities, you’ll encounter challenging cooldown reset mechanics, amidst having little or no space for errors. However, what you get in return is an endless array of devastating combos and an opportunity to produce some of the flashiest plays in the game. The first step we’ll be taking in our beginners Overwatch guide is analyzing Genji’s abilities.


Cyber-Agility is the core of Genji’s mobility, making him a one of a kind ranged Assassin. With it, he is capable of double-jumping without a reset when wall climbing. Another perk to be added is the movement speed, which is 7.8 meters per second (vertical).

Shuriken (LMB / RMB)

The primary weapon to come from Genji’s deadly arsenal is his Shurikens. When wielding these, you’ll be able to choose between an accurate burst of aligned shots or a fan of projectiles. With the first option, by pressing the left click, three Shurikens will fly in quick succession, precisely hitting the spot the player has aimed for. On the contrary, by pressing the right mouse click, three shurikens will be thrown simultaneously, forming a horizontal arc as they go. It might come as obvious, however, the first option is best used for long-range striking, while the second comes handy in close-ranged combat when Genji needs to close the range on his opponent.

Keeping distance will be crucial when using shurikens, as they can initially provide harassing, only to close down on hurt foes later on. Shurikens suffer from no damage drop and will deal 28 base damage on each successful hit. They will also travel a distance of 60 meters per second, forcing Genji to predict enemy movement if he is to use their range to the full extent.

Genji Overwatch abilities

Deflect (E)

Just when you thought that nothing could be more intriguing than the Shurikens, a Wakizashi comes to prove you wrong. With the help of his blade, Genji is able to parry incoming missiles for two seconds, deflecting them back to his opponents. To Deflect, Genji will have to aim the projectiles towards his crosshair.

However, he will be unable to cause deflection on melee attacks, managing only to avoid their damage. Channeled or beamed projectiles come as a problem, as well as splash effects. Genji is unable to divert them, suffering damage if hit. To put it short, deflect will work only on projectiles.

Regardless of its downs, Deflect enables Genji to divert the utility that came with the initial ability. Furthermore, ultimates such as those of Hanso or Zarya are affected by this ability.

Swift Strike (LSHIFT)

With Swift Strike, Genji dashed towards his enemies, cutting any foe that stud in his way. If he is to eliminate a target, then the ability cooldown of Swift Strike refreshes instantaneously. That enables Genji to continue pursuing enemies, especially if they are running low on health. Aside from delivering sudden attacks, Swift Strike can be used to mint an escape or get Genji to higher ground, closing gaps between levels.

However, do not get hasty with this ability, as it should be used with great caution. Strive to attack isolated or wounded opponents, using the abilities cooldown to escape.

Beginners Overwatch Guide Genji

Dragonblade (Q)

The moment you’ve been waiting for, Genji’s ultimate ability, the Dragonblade. When activated, Genji deploys his super-charged Katana, hastily slicing through enemy lines. While his Shurikens are placed aside, Deflect and Swift Strike are both an option when using Dragonblade.

Dragonblade will last for 8 seconds. While it’s activated, Genji can deliver 9 blows with his sword, causing 120 damage with each slash. With that said, Genji can potentially achieve more than 1000 damage to his opponents. However, this is no easy task, as you’ll be asked to close down on your opponents, while successfully evading their attempts to shut you down.

Maneuvering through enemy lines requires a cool-headed approach and a set of killer instincts. Therefore, wait for an opportunity to strike stunned or wounded opponents. Swift strike will help you reach certain targets when drifting from one opponent to another, and Deflect is crucial for parrying incoming projectiles. Most importantly, remember that with each attempt you’ll be getting closer to mastering his Ultimate Ability, so don’t hesitate if you are unsuccessful in the beginning. Just follow the notes from this Genji Overwatch guide, and you’ll be showing off your skills in no time.

beginners guide genji

With what Hero does Genji synergize?


Zarya comes as an obvious partner due to her ability to shield, and round up enemies for Genji’s Dragonblade. Graviton Surge sets Genji for a slash opportunity, with enemies having little or no possibilities to evade it.


The pair is especially good in steering out squishy enemies out of the game, enabling them to coordinate swift attacks, bursting out those affected.


zenyatta overwatch

Zenyatta enables Genji to deal additional damage, while additionally providing him sustain amongst the opponents with her Transcendence.

What Heroes is Genji weak against?


Although being a great pair when matched together, Winston makes for a hellish opponent in different circumstances. With his ability to chase down enemies, Genji’s escape becomes ineffective.


Genji might be every supports worst nightmare. However, Brigitte makes for an exception. Not only is she capable of initiating a duel, but it can also cripple Genji by using stun or shield.


pharah ow

Few Heroes can oppose Genji with such easy as Pharah. Thanks to her abilities, she can keep the Ninja on a safe distance, while incapacitating him to progress with the flanking.

What Heroes is Genji strong against?


As he is best used for attacking vulnerable and isolated Heroes, it comes as no surprise that Widowmaker made it to the list.


With little escape options, Ana’s left with choices when confronted by a Genji.

Genji’s burst of damage should be put to use for eliminating enemies Support Heroes. With his mobility, he makes for a great flanker, who can easily dive in and escape with no consequences. For this to work, planning in front will be essential, so always think ahead of an engage. Don’t find yourself lost after activating Dragonblade. It’s best that you keep a calm nerve and pick out the best targets for the Ultimate Ability. If possible, aim for the squishier opponents and put your shurikens to good use before initiating mele or close up combat.


With that said, our beginners Genji Overwatch guide has drawn to an end. We hope it was worth your time, and are assured you will put the acquired knowledge to good use.


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